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Mountain Man: Everything You’ll Need to Prepare for Winter Sports

Posted on October 08, 2013 by Brooke Chaplan

Mountain Men must be prepared for winter weather.

When the weather begins to change, it is time to prepare for all the sports that winter brings. For the most adventurous man, there are some things you must do to prepare for all the activities before snow hits. Between the snow and cold temperatures, there is a lot of uncertainty where traveling is concerned. Whether at work or play, there are many things a man needs for winter to make it more enjoyable.

Snow Tires
Nothing is tougher in winter weather than trying to drive in snow or ice. For those men who plan to be out and about during this time, a good set of tires for their vehicle is essential equipment Along with a good set of tires, a true mountain man needs a good truck that can stand up to deep snows. Inspect your own and make sure it will be able to stand against the snow and ice and travel to any place you go this winter.

Sports Equipment
Rugged mountain men don’t let cold weather keep them from enjoying their favorite sports. Among two of the most popular sports associated with cold weather are skiing and hockey. There’s nothing better on a cold winter day than getting out on the slopes and gliding along with the powder, so buying a set of skis and possibly some new poles are always a good investment. Make sure the bottoms of your skis haven’t sustained any damage and get them repaired if they have to stay safe on the mountains. Hockey is long associated with winter, so buying a good stick, along with the right skates adds up to a great time on a frozen pond or outdoor rink. Make sure the blades are clean and still sharp.

Winterize Your Home and Cabin
In the winter, you are sure to be spending more time at home or in your cabin, enjoying the season. Make sure you have proper insulation so you won’t be paying higher heating bills than you normally would. If you have wood burning stove make sure you stock up on firewood now. It is easy to find cheap wood around construction sites so don’t forget to find your own before you buy it. Stock up on extra food and lights in case you get snowed in.

While many people balk at the thought of spending much time outside in the winter, there are some guys who just can’t wait to feel the cold air against their face as they skate around on a frozen pond, or drive around on an new set of snow tires. Whether at work or play, be prepared for all the surprises and fun winter can have.

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