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Serious Dedication: An Ode to Infamous Sports Fans

Posted on August 17, 2014 by Brooke Chaplan
For years Rollen Stewart and his rainbow wig were fixtures at major sporting events.

For years Rollen Stewart and his rainbow wig were fixtures at major sporting events.

You know a sports fan is dedicated to the team when they are more famous than the actual athletes they support. Here are 8 famous fans from history, and the events that placed them in the unofficial fan hall of fame.

1. He Wasn’t Supposed to Know!

In 1977, Bobby Murcer took to the plate in an attempt to hit a home run for a young, terminally ill fan—Scott Crull. Not only did Murcer bat an impressive 2 homers, but he dedicated them to young Scott on national television. Unfortunately, Crull hadn’t been told he was dying yet. Oops!

2. John 3:16

Some sports fans are there to support the team, others to support their…religion? Rollen Stewart, commonly called “Rainbow Man” thanks to the rainbow wig he liked to wear around, did just that. Along with his wig he wore a shirt with the words “Believe in Christ.”

He didn’t discriminate between sports, showing up at all major sporting events in the 70s and 80s including the Super Bowl, Olympics, World Series, and the World Cup. Unfortunately, he found himself in jail serving three life sentences for holding a maid hostage in 1992.

3. The Loyal Dictator

Apparently North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Il, had his own personal library of videos of every game Michael Jordan played. He was an avid Bull’s fan, and reportedly said he thought the youths and workers in his own country should be made to play more basketball.

4. What the Heckler?

From 1975 to 1997, Washington Bullets fan Robin Ficker earned his name as the NBA’s most prominent heckler.  His season tickets behind the visiting team’s bench allowed him to perform the antics that are still talked about today.

One of his most famous tricks came when the Bullets were playing the Bulls. Ficker would read from the sex-laden autobiography of Coach Phil Jackson. When the Bullets became the Wizards in 1997, Ficker’s seats were too far from the visiting team’s bench, forcing him into heckling retirement.

5. Taking out the Competition

There’s nothing funny about how far fan Gunter Parche went to see Steffi Graf return to the top of the tennis rankings in 1993. He stabbed the competition—Monica Seles—during a match in 1993. Much to the shock of the general public, Parche’s punishment for this gruesome act was a 2-year suspended sentence and mandatory counseling.

James Jarrett Miller made a surprise appearance at a 1993 Boxing Heavyweight title fight.

James Jarrett Miller made a surprise appearance at a 1993 Boxing Heavyweight title fight.

6. The Parachute Man

James Jarrett Miller, also known as “Fan Man,” is famous for parachuting into famous sports events. You can see the footage of his entrance into the 1993 Riddick Bowe vs Evander Holyfield boxing match. As he landed in the crowed, he was attacked by security and knocked out—the only K.O. at that boxing match.

7. Man in a Barrel

Denver Bronco’s fan Tim McKernan lost a $10 bet with his brother. He didn’t think wearing only a bright orange barrel to a Bronco’s game would get him on TV. He was so wrong that he started wearing just his barrel to every game—regardless of the weather.

8. Mrs. Piggy, Is That You?

For over 30 years, a group of Washington Redskins fans dressed up for the games in dresses, leather hats, and pig snouts. The name came from 1980’s offensive line coach Joe Bugel, who referred to the linemen as “hogs.” Not only was this group passionate about supporting their team, but they were also devoted to a good cause: raising money for children’s charities. Before they announced their retirement, they raised over 100 million dollars.


While many of these stories are entertaining and fun to read about, enthusiastic fans have caused serious damage to athletes and spectators, and have faced serious consequences. If your actions at a sports game could give someone an excuse to call a company like Bronson Jones & Co, a personal injury firm in Vancouver, you might want to tone it down and just enjoy the game.

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