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Rigged Up: What You Need for Hunting Season

Posted on November 02, 2014 by Brooke Chaplan

It takes a lot of work to prepare for hunting season.

Planning for the next hunting season begins the day after hunting season ends. You need to check and repair your gear, clean your weapons, and replace broken items to be sure the following year’s hunt is even more successful. Read the list below for items you may need to buy, replace, or repair for hunting season.

Track Locations
The first day of hunting season is not the day to scout your locations. Scout your locations early and often. At the very least, identify and map the areas you plan to hunt using Google Maps. A GPS is extremely helpful when tracking locations as well. A properly-placed camera with a motion capture device attached will keep track of what animals are in the area and give you an idea about the most trafficked areas.

Check Your Vehicle
There is more to hunting than finding and tagging an animal. After the kill, you still need to get the carcass out of the bush and into your vehicle. If you plan to take your vehicle off road, then check the vehicle’s suspension, tires, and other Edmonton truck accessories. A damaged suspension can lead to an enormous hassle when left untreated. If your vehicle breaks down, then you will need to have it pulled to the road and towed. Meanwhile, arrangements for the carcass will also have to be made. In short, save yourself some embarrassment and have your vehicle checked at a Tonka 4-Wheel Drive Ltd early.

Boot Maintenance and Repair
Usually, hunters can easily identify potential wardrobe problems. Damaged clothing is easy to spot and fix. In addition, replacing hunter apparel is fairly easy. Sadly, dozens of hunters forget about boot maintenance and repair. Before hunting or hiking, clean your boots with a soft brush and oil. Knock off the dirt with the brush, and rub the oil into the leather to increase its flexibility. Afterward, check the boot’s seams. It is especially important to check the threads that connect the leather to the rubber portion of the boot. Replace the laces if they are weathered or worn. If your boots are not in good shape, then have them repaired before you go hunting. Nothing is more miserable than walking dozens of miles while your feet are cold and wet.

Make all of your preparations before hunting season begins. In addition, consider purchasing new equipment that will help you keep track of animal traffic in your hunting locations. Before venturing off road, make sure your suspension and tires are in good repair. Check your boots for broken seams and damage. Go into hunting season prepared and be safe.


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