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Design the Ultimate Home for Sports Fans

Posted on February 17, 2015 by John Harris
Many sports fans decorate with their favorite team in mind.

Many sports fans decorate with their favorite team in mind.

If you love something, then it should have a place in your home. If you love sports, then why not keep this in mind when deciding how to best furnish and decorate? Here are some design considerations to create the ultimate home for a sports fan.

Comfort and durability
When you want to relax and enjoy the big game, comfort is key. You need a nice seating arrangement that makes it easy to get comfortable and relax. A classic sofa, settee, and large chair arrangement can be great, but if you plan on having friends over, you might consider a sectional sofa that can accommodate a larger group. Of course, more people can mean more use and spills from snacking and socializing, so durability and ease of cleaning are also important things to consider.

Don’t forget your favorite teams
Using team colors and logos can add to the atmosphere of your room. It is easy to find fabrics in any color. Logos can be a bit dramatic for some tastes, so using the same color scheme can be a good compromise, especially if the room is to be used for other purposes.

Consider your space carefully
While you can incorporate elements of your sports passion into your living space no matter what size it is, those with an extra room or even a basement might consider dedicating a room to sports. Even an unfinished basement can often be renovated at a low cost to make a comfortable space for you, friends, and family.

Beverages and snacks
Getting up for refreshments during a game can lead to losing out on seeing key plays. A small refrigerator is inexpensive and will keep an ample supply of refreshments available for you and your guests. A mini refrigerator is especially useful if your sports viewing room is very far from your kitchen area. Food that you prepare in your kitchen can be stored in the smaller fridge for convenient access throughout your sports viewing.

A great view
Any sports fan can tell you that a great view of the game is very important. A large television with a clear HD picture can make sports viewing a real pleasure. Buy the largest television with the best quality picture that you can for the space you have dedicated to sports viewing.

Harsh lighting and glares can be a problem when you are trying to watch the game. Lighting fixtures with a dimmer switch can make adjusting the light level simple. Glare from sunlight can reflect on the television, making it almost impossible to view. Stylish shutters will ensure that you can let light in when you want it and eliminate glare and reflections when needed. Since they are available in a wide variety of colors, you can even use your favorite team colors for your shutters.

Go for it
Making sure your home design considers what you love is very important for your overall happiness and well being. A dedicated space for your passion in sports can be achieved in a number of ways, so what are you waiting for?


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