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Working in Sports: Best Ways to Get Started in an Internship

Posted on April 08, 2015 by Brooke Chaplan
Internships are a good way to break into the sports business.

Internships are a good way to break into the sports business.

Many people dream of working in sports in some capacity. Some might want to be athletes, while others prefer coaching or the administration side of things. Other people might enjoy working in media roles. No matter what your goals might be, there is a way for you to break into the profession of sports. You can find an internship that will help you build valuable skills, and make connections that will help you find your future job. Make sure you know how to be your own best coach when it comes to getting the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Make Yourself Stand Out
In order to get selected for a sports internship, you must make sure to stand out in some way. If you’re at a college, you will need to showcase your skills, desires, and school spirit. Show the people hiring for the internship that you offer a unique skill set they won’t be able to find with other candidates. Be sure to sound professional yet enthusiastic on the phone, and in person for interviews.

Hit the Ground Running
Now that you have the opportunity at your sports internship, you must seize the day. Go above and beyond the expectations of the position. Do extra work you haven’t been asked to do. You will impress your boss, and leave a lasting memory with them. They will either hire you, or recommend you to someone else without hesitation. You should truly treat an internship like a real career, since it is how you will get the most out of it.

Take on More Responsibility
Once you establish yourself with basic tasks, an employer might ask you to take on more responsibility. Do this with ease. The boss is testing you to see what kind of sports employee you’ll make one day. If you’re trying to get into coaching, then you could find yourself in a more important role that helps the players directly. Perhaps you could manage the equipment or help players stretch. A coaching masters degree could help you gain this type of position in short order.

Stay Hungry
Look for ways you can help your team get ahead. If someone needs you to carry something heavy, don’t turn down the opportunity. If the team can trust you with small things, then they will be willing to trust you with larger tasks. Don’t say no unless it’s something you feel you can’t do, then ask how you can learn to do it.

You can make your dream to work in sports come true. All you need is some hard work, and networking skills help as well. You can start with small responsibilities and move up in time. Working with a coaching degree and a good attitude, you can get you as far as you want to go in sports.

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