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Creating a Home Cinema for Sports Viewing this Summer

Posted on April 28, 2015 by John Harris
There is nothing better than a family enjoying the big game together in comfort.

There is nothing better than a family enjoying the big game together in comfort.

If you are a sports fan then you need a great place to enjoy your sports viewing this summer. Although a basement or even some garages can provide a great hangout space, a small space can also be made very comfortable for you and your fellow sports fans. Here are some tips to create the perfect sports viewing den:

Regardless of the size of your space, seating contributes the most to your comfort. Small spaces may do well with several large chairs and a small sofa. Large chairs and even small sofas can be purchased that can convert into sleeping areas so your den can be more multifunctional. Classic sofa designs for your sports den could also include a sectional sofa that makes the most use of your space. For a fun twist, get seating that matches the colors of your favorite sports team.

The size of television that you need is a matter of personal preference and space. A smaller room might not be suitable for the larger 60-inch televisions that are available. Small sports dens might do well with a 36 to 42-inch television. To save space you may want to mount your television on the wall. If you want greater versatility for viewing, you can mount your TV on an extending arm. Make sure to buy a high quality television – bigger and cheaper usually means poorer picture quality and a television that does not last as long.

We are lucky to have so many fantastic speaker options available. Small discreet wireless speakers can free up valuable space. Speakers on small shelves can make good use of vertical space. High quality Bose speakers can offer a great surround sound option. When choosing speakers, don’t go overboard. Speaker technology has progressed to where very few speakers are required for a great system. Your money might be better spent on a more comfortable sofa or better quality television than a speaker system that is larger than you need.

Snacks and beverages
If your kitchen is far away from your sports viewing area then getting up to get snacks and beverages could mean missing some great moments. No one wants to be the guy who missed that historic throw just because they needed a soft drink. A small refrigerator can ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable session of sports viewing. When combined with a small cabinet you can store snacks such as chips and other shelf-stable items.

Sports decor can be fun
A sports viewing den that is decorated with team colors, pennants or team jerseys can really set the mood and get you in the spirit of the game. Consider purchasing pillows or lighting with a sports theme. You can even get stained glass lamps that have sports team logos as part of the design. These can be a great way to add some team spirit and a classy touch to your home.

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