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Is the NFL Preparing to Burn Tom Brady at the Stake?

Posted on May 10, 2015 by Joe Gill
It appears that circumstantial evidence will be enough for the NFL to punish Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady.

It appears that circumstantial evidence will be enough for the NFL to punish Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady.

Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady will soon be nailed to the NFL Shield and will be made an example of.

Everyone outside the five New England States (well maybe not Connecticut) will salivate and feed their blood lust on the day of Brady’s crucifixion (suspension).

For what, what heinous act did he commit against the most powerful sports league on the earth?

Did he punch his wife in the face and knock her out cold like Ray Rice? No.

Did he whip his child with a tree branch like Adrian Peterson? No.

Did Tom Brady throw bleach on a woman’s face or drag her alongside a car like Terrell Suggs? No.

Did he sexually assault a woman in a bathroom like fellow Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger?

That would be another resounding NO.

His ultimate sin…”more probable than not” was asking for his footballs to be a tad bit below the league’s legal limit.

His other crime is that he is the signal caller for the most successful football franchise of this millennium.

Perhaps if Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers won three more Lombardi trophies, he too would be investigated and hunted down like a witch in 17th century Salem for having his footballs above the legal limit.

But Mr. Rodgers has diplomatic immunity and Tom Brady is labeled as a cheater (perhaps he should have heated the balls like the Vikings and Panthers)…….

He “more probable that not” compromised the all-important “integrity of the game” which seems to outweigh the “integrity of humanity” in the New York City offices of the National Football League.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his minion are acting like the Romans sentencing to death an individual that is getting too popular and powerful for his own good.

With all the “evidence” and “findings” in the Wells report, which would NEVER hold up in any court of law, Goodell is going to drive nails into Tom Brady’s limbs to absolve all of his wrong doings as commissioner in the court of public opinion.

Roger Goodell will have punished the Greatest Quarterback Of All Time, the Golden Boy that every one (who is not a Patriots fan) loves to hate, over a few PSI.

Brady will have his career tarnished over something that many have said (including the Patriots’ opponents) has ZERO impact on the outcome of a game.

So Roger enjoy your moment in the sun…because Tom Brady’s true revenge will be accepting the Lombardi trophy from your blood stained hands at your league’s ultimate event…Super Bowl 50.


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