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The Ultimate Guide To Preparing Your Son For His First Rugby Game

Posted on May 08, 2015 by John Harris
Rugby is growing in youth popularity.

Rugby is growing in youth popularity.

If you have a son who has shown an interest in playing the English game of rugby instead of American football, you should try to encourage them in any way you can. It’s hard enough to get kids interested in playing sports these days, and so it’s vital that you support them. However, there are a number of things you want to do before they play their first game. We’ve created a checklist you can use to ensure you have all the bases covered. So long as you can tick everything off our list, your son should be more than ready to head out on the field.

Make sure they know the rules
Growing up in the US means that your children probably haven’t had maximum exposure to the game of rugby. However, there is a professional league in this country, and so you should spend some time watching games with them. Doing so will help to guarantee they understand the rules properly. The night before they are due to play their first game, you should spend an hour or so going through everything with them to ensure there is no confusion.

Buy the best equipment
Rugby is considered one of the best sports to keep you fit and healthy. However, your son is going to need the right equipment if you want him to stay safe. Rugby players should always wear a cup, and it’s wise to put some headgear on too. You will find some really high-quality sweatbands available online that could help them to feel a little more comfortable on the field. The last thing you want is for them to miss an important catch because they are blinded by the sweat dripping from their forehead. They need the right tools for the job if you want them to enjoy the sport and build a passion for playing.

Practice with them
You don’t need the biggest yard in the world to practice playing rugby with your son. Most of the skills he needs relate to catching and throwing, which means any space is suitable. Just put a few hours aside each weekend before their game in order to help them improve their talent. You could also give them some tips on the best ways to conduct yourself in a scrum. Learning how to use their weight to their advantage is certain to make them a better player.

Build their confidence
Kids are rarely confident when it comes to trying something new. So, you must do everything you can to boost their self-esteem and let them know they have the capabilities required. At the end of the day, joining a rugby team should mean they make lots of new friends who do that for you. So, you only need to give them enough confidence to handle the first match. After that, they should be comfortable with the process.

So long as you can tick all those points from your list; your son should be more than ready to enjoy the game of rugby. Encouraging your kids to get involved with team sports is one of the best ways to help them progress and mature. It could be a turning point in their life that results in them turning professional in the future. Who knows?

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