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The 10 Most Effective Fitness Trends in 2015

Posted on May 29, 2015 by Theresa Oesterreich

Top of the Charts

There are many different types and intensity levels of training and sports fitness.

There are many different types and intensity levels of training and sports fitness.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Shooting up to number one in this years fitness popularity chart is (HIIT). Olympian Sebastian Coe used this technique effectively during training in the 1970’s and it suits the fast running pace of life today. Got 30 to 40 seconds to spare? Have a hard sprint then slow down with 15-20 seconds of strolling.

2. Functional Training
Coming in at number two is Functional Training.
Developed from exercises used to rehabilitate patients after injury or Stroke, this method is very good at improving muscles and movement that we use in our everyday lives.

3. Older Adult Training
Climbing slowly into number three position is the Older Adult Training.
Among the ‘aging population’ there is increasing demand for low impact cardio conditioning workout. All levels of ability can enjoy safe and effective exercises to improve physique and mental well-being.

4. Personal Trainer
Working out with your own certified professional expert is very trendy. Having a bespoke fitness plan with individualized coaching is recognized as an effective way to achieve fitness training objectives.

5. Bodyweight Training
This technique of using your own bodyweight to create resistance performing Push-ups, Squats etc. is gaining popularity as these exercises can be done anywhere.

6. Express Workouts
Get it all over quickly with this system. Just do multiple exercises within twenty minutes or less. There are plenty of well known exercises that suit this work-out like skipping, or using dumbbells (or raising and lowering cans of baked beans or a hardback book instead). A lot can be achieved in very little time.

7. Nutrition Education Programs
‘You are what you eat’ and a keen knowledge of diet is an essential part of any planned exercise routine. What you eat and drink is important before and after the gym to ensure health and vigour while you train.

8. Bootcamps
This is a group activity which is geared to all ages and levels of ability. Classes with others are enjoyable and great for raising your motivation and increasing cardio fitness, strength, stamina and agility. Boosting your energy and burning fat is a happy side-effect too.

9. Circuit Training
Fast paced intensive aerobics while keeping you on a healthy track towards improving your physical athleticism.

10. Dance Based Fitness
Zumba has to be included in this compilation of the 10 most effective fitness trends in 2015 as it must be one of the most popular dance based exercise classes to date.

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