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Fitness Model Poses to Try 0

Posted on November 24, 2020 by Justin Ronald

It’s never easy to find the best shot when photographing a fitness photoshoot.

Fitness images play a vital role in inspiring and motivating people to keep pushing their limits to get into their best shapes. In short, fitness photography boosts a healthy lifestyle.

But the art of posing is not an easy job!

In a few years, the fitness industry has become a lucrative business, and fitness models earn more than you may know. If you want to get into the industry, we can help you in shooting your first fitness photoshoot.

This brief guide will share some of the attractive, flawless, and inspiring fitness model poses that will always help you get a perfect click. Read more at

Fitness Model Poses to Conduct

Before you begin your shoot, make sure you know your best side and where you feel more comfortable. That will help depict your confidence and make your look natural in the picture.

Fitness poses drastically differ from regular model shoots for fashion and other purposes.

Fitness photoshoots mainly focus on the physique of the model to promote physical health.

Make sure your photographer masterfully highlights your biceps and abs.

Pose 1: Power Pose

To try this most commonly known pose, power pose, cross your arms to imply strength. Ask your photographer to take the photo from a lower angle as it would make you appear more prominent.

Pose 2: Mirror Picture

For this pose, stand straight in front of the mirror, maintain your arm/back spatial gap, flex your frontal quad, and click.

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What Does an Endocrinologist Do for Weight Loss? 0

Posted on November 22, 2020 by Justin Ronald

It’s never good to be overweight or obese as it can lead you to many health problems such as high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, and in some rare cases, even cancer.

In many recent studies, researchers note that Alabama, Lowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Arkansas have the highest percentage of obese people. The data shows that around 31% of the United States population is obese.

That’s a startling fact.

If, by chance, you are one of the 31% and looking for weight loss solutions, an endocrinologist may help you in not only weight loss solutions but your overall physical health. Read more about getting into shape at Weight Loss, Fitness & Health.

Things Endocrinologist Do For Weight Loss

If you are motivated enough and want to lose weight, arrange an appointment with an endocrinologist for a proper hormonal check-up.

Endocrinology is a branch of science that studies diseases caused by hormonal imbalance. An expert in endocrinology, known as an endocrinologist, will run a few tests to diagnose whether your obesity is due to hormonal imbalance or not. And if it is, he’ll help you treat your hormonal problems and help you avoid any serious complications that can arise from obesity.

Hormones in our body are responsible for almost everything:

  • Regulation of respiration
  • Regulation of Metabolism
  • Regulation of Sensory Perception
  • Regulation of Human Growth
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What Time of the Day is Best to Take Keto Pills? 1

Posted on November 21, 2020 by Justin Ronald

According to a recent survey in the U.S, it was found that roughly  31% of the entire population is obese. Another statistic shows that almost 16% of the entire U.S population makes weight loss plans as a new year resolution.

Further, every year, thousands of weight management products launch all across the world. According to data in 2018, almost 11,000  weight management products were launched all across the world.

A fairly new trend is that of keto or ketogenic pills such as Pruvit Keto Kreme as one of the thousands of weight management/loss products.

Ketogenic Diet and Keto Pills

Since its emergence in the 1920s, the keto diet has been becoming famous for health purposes, particularly in weight loss.

Typically speaking, the ketogenic diet limits your intake of carbohydrates and increases the intake of fat and protein.

Carbohydrates 5%
Proteins 20%
Fats 75%

Several studies have shown that a ketogenic diet can improve metabolic pathways and, thus, can quicken weight loss and increased fat loss within the body.

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Healing Trauma with Sports 0

Posted on November 14, 2020 by Marty Wolner

Playing team sports can heal a developing brain from the impact of emotional trauma and extreme stress and promote improved mental health.

Sure, it’s fairly obvious that playing team sports can be healthy for many reasons, but now the latest brain research shows how the natural and normal activities performed during team sports participation will actually heal the parts of the brain that may be underdeveloped or wounded by previous traumatic experience or current extreme stress. 

As an example, research indicates teenagers who participate in team sports have significantly lower rates of anxiety and depression while in high school and then also into adulthood.

More good news is that most athletes, parents, coaches and other sports mentors can quickly learn simple things to do intentionally while playing sports to heal the brain while achieving peak performance.

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Safety Tips for Playing Ice Hockey to Avoid Injury 1

Posted on November 07, 2020 by Ravi Jain

If you are new to playing ice hockey, you need to know some safety measures to avoid injury. The first step to start is purchasing the right kind of gear that supports your game and secures you. 

Ice hockey gear for safety

Check out all that you need and how to use:


When talking about preventing injuries, the first thing you need is a good helmet. Make sure the helmet you buy is certified for security. The helmets must come with a full facemask and protective chin strap and cup. Also, tighten the product to make sure it is fastened properly.


Buy the perfect pair of skates from a hockey shop that fits into your size. Lace them tightly and check if they fit comfortably. Hockey skates must offer ankle support. The toe cup should be made of hard plastic or steel. If you already have old skates, sharpen them to perform better. Not following this step can make your skates get stuck in the ice.

Pads for shoulders, elbows, shin, and knee 

Your uniform for playing ice hockey must include padding for elbows, shin, knee, and shoulders. It is similar to playing soccer, as you need ample protection. The shin and knee pads should be made of rigid plastic and reach the top of your skate’s area.

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy 0

Posted on October 09, 2020 by John Harris

Staying healthy is a necessity for everyone. There is no substitute for good health. Staying healthy increases productivity and reduces the number of times our system falls to function effectively. Healthy living has numerous benefits and no disadvantage.

You can control your health by picking up healthy habits. Most people wait until the New Year starts before they set their health goals, but unfortunately, they write it on paper and do not implement them.

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