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Why Visit Costa Rica?

Posted on September 04, 2015 by Edwin Smith
Natural beauty is abundant in Costa Rica.

Natural beauty is abundant in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the hidden jewel of Central America for many reasons. Many industrialized Nations underestimate it’s accomplishments nor do they, with a few exceptions, seem to appreciate all that Costa Rica has to offer. One of these exceptions is corporate investment in the tourism industry and one other notable exception is the Intel Microprocessor Plant responsible for 20% of the Country’s exports.

This lack of appreciation is quickly starting to change and one of the reasons for this is Costa Rica’s tax exemption for any Company willing to invest here. Proctor and Gamble is savvy to this lucrative place to do business and operates a facility in this special nation. It is located less than 10 degrees from the Equator which means of-course it is tropical, very tropical, lush and beautiful. Because of this environment, Costa Rica grows some of the best coffee beans and bananas in the entire world. These two cash crops had for the last two hundred years, been this country’s life blood. First in Exchange Commodities these days it is tourism, however it’s coffee and banana exports still hold a strong 2nd place.

It is not hard to understand why this is fast becoming the destination of choice for tourist from around the Globe, Americans and Canadians leading the pack. The Hotel and Resort Industry have been quick to capitalize on this Country’s awesome natural beauty and there are no less than 10 world class, 5 star luxury Resorts here that are unequaled in their magnificence. Some examples are, The Four Seasons resort on Papagayo Peninsula located in Northwest Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean, The Four Seasons at Puntarenas on the Gulf of Nicoya in West Central Costa Rica, the Hilton Papagay Resort and Spa, and, the JW Marriott Guancaste Resort and Spa, all are on the West Cost in the Warm Tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. There are also 5 star resorts on the Atlantic side of the County in the heart of the Caribbean. Costa Rica has right at 4.5 Million people of which ¼ live in and around the Capital, San Jose, located in the geographical center of the Country.

The Interior of Costa Rica is home to numerous National Parks and Wildlife Preserves. Besides the Tropical Jungles there is the mountain range that runs North to South with 14 known Volcanoes, six have been active in the past 75 years. There are large numbers of wildlife species and foliage indigenous to Costa Rica that are found nowhere else in the World and, Sports Hunting is completely outlawed in the whole Country.

Entirely new species are discovered here on a somewhat regular basis in the remote regions. Indeed, Costa Rica is a special place. What is not illegal and is big business is Sports Fishing. The waters off of Costa Rica offer incredibly rich fishing grounds that are famous with Fishermen around the World. Charter Fishing Boats are many but, there are a few Professionals who know these waters better than most and, a good example is Ryan Lindy Sportfishing. Their office is out of Liberia where most tourist fly into before getting to their accommodations. There is a modern International Airport located just West of Town and only 10 miles from many of the Resort Hotels. Costa Rica without reservation, is a worthy destination for anyone one to consider.

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