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Stop the Spitting in Major League Baseball

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Mike Raffone

Spitting in Baseball

This cheeky comic may make your toes scrunch, but it speaks volumes about a vile habit that remains unchecked in America’s favorite pastime.

It started way back THEN in the 1800’s when baseball first blossomed and chewing tobacco was all the rage. Unfortunately, spitting in baseball has continued til NOW in 2015 as the sport thrives.

So, it’s about time someone like me addresses this scourge in sports by writing about it in today’s Sports Then and Now blog.

Spitting in baseball is a major league problem.

While watching this weekend’s ALCS and NLCS playoff games, I once again found myself disgusted by the disturbing discharges emanating from eminent National and American Major League Baseball players.

These orally induced actions seriously sully my spectating enjoyment and probably yours, too.

My guess is that all of America agrees with me on this issue. Baseball players, coaches and managers spit waaaaay too much.

Batters, pitchers, third base coaches, guys in the bull pen and anyone fortunate enough to step on the field think they need to irrigate the diamond with their personal mucous. Yuck!

The only thing more annoying than Ernie Johnson’s minutiae or Joe Buck’s babbling about boring baseball statistics is seeing sunflower seeds and spittle splattering the baseball diamonds of our country’s beautiful ballparks.

Fans have tolerated this wayward habit for far too long.

I say, Major League Baseball needs to establish a No Spitting Policy immediately.

To make my point, let’s consider other sports and see if I’m right.

We don’t see Lebron James launching a loogie into the lane before attempting a free throw in an NBA game, do we?

We never witness Michael Phelps flinging phlegm into the pool before diving off the starting block in a big swim race, right?

And, we never notice Jeff Gordon pulling to the side of the track, rolling down his window and hurling a hawker into the stands?

Let’s put a moratorium on any further unwarranted discharges emanating from the mouths of our baseball brethren.

MIKE on Sports!


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