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Sports Collectables: Create a Smart Plan of Action Before You Start

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Katherine Taylor

sports collectiblesMany people are avid sports fans.  Some take the interest to the next level and invest in memorabilia.  Sports collectibles can take the form of sports cards, posters, autographs, game balls, helmets, etc.  For some it’s a hobby, but for others it’s a business and method of investment.  Regardless of your reason and end goal, here’s how to get started collecting.


If you’re serious about accruing a respectable collection, you’ll want to be sure that the items you buy are authentic.  When buying from other collectors and sources, be sure to get a COA or certificate of authenticity.  It’s an official document that verifies that the item is genuine.


There are no hard rules when it comes to collecting sports memorabilia, yet it’s beneficial to have structure.  For example, if you’re collecting for fun, decide on a niche such as collecting items associated with one athlete, team, or city.  Moreover, don’t buy based on emotion; if you’re collecting to resell, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good price and the item will rise in price over time.


As mentioned, there are no rules of collecting, yet you’ll want to be methodical in planning.  For example, consider the number of items on the market.  Obviously, rare items will be more valuable, sought, and respected.  Next, consider the type of memorabilia you’re after.  Furthermore , consider the athlete, team, and sport related to a sought collectible.  Some items are sure to rise in value while others fluctuate depending on performance, if a player is still active or retired, whether the team is still in the same city, etc.


Building a respectable collection necessitates premeditation.  For example, you may be a New York Giants fan and seek helmets, game jerseys, and player rookie cards.  More specifically, you may be a collector of Lawrence Taylor memorabilia, a former player of the New York Giants.  Since L.T. was a well-respected player and years have passed since his retirement, his items are considered rare and more valuable.  Furthermore, some collectors amass specific types of items, such as baseballs, bobblehead dolls, and game jerseys.


Some dads and moms inspire sons and daughters to collect by passing along old cards.  Baseball, hockey, football, and other sports cards were mass produced and highly popular in decades of the past.  Some dads and moms may not have looked at old cards for decades.  Like coming upon old antiques, it’s suggested that you get your collection appraised with the help of grading services. can help you identify prized and valuable cards in your collection.


Like a collector of fine wines or cigars, you’ll want to preserve your investments.  Therefore, you’ll need to identify a location where your goods will be protected from theft, water damage, fire, pets, etc.  For example, some collectors decide to place sports cards in protective plastic cases secured in place with screws.  Other types of memorabilia, like sports jerseys, can be placed in customized cases.

Robert Duncan is sports mad! When he isn’t participating in a game he’ll be watching it! He also has a passion for collectables and enjoys sharing his tips and tricks with others who are looking to enter into this addictive world!

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