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Drivers, Carts and Courses: Everyday Safety Tips for Golfers

Posted on March 28, 2016 by Katherine Taylor

golfcartYou probably don’t think of “injury” and “golf” in the same sentence. A day at the golf course is supposed to be relaxing. But, it can actually be very dangerous. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

The golf course doesn’t seem like an overly dangerous place, but it can be. A club, for example, can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A stray ball not only hurts to get hit with, it can cause a serious injury. It’s one thing that these Phoenix car accident lawyers deal with often.

Before you begin your own swing, take a look around you and make sure no one is in the way and that you won’t be hitting anyone.

Listen For Warnings

OK, the path is clear. Now what? Make sure that everyone else is on the same page as you. Don’t assume that others see what you’re doing. They may not. In fact, it’s a good bet that you’re the only one who knows what you’re doing.

Unless you’re golfing with a large group of people, and even then, you should take extra care to make sure that others who aren’t with you are aware of when you’ll be swinging. And, for your own sake, be ready to make a quick move if you have to get out of the way of other golfers.

Make Room For Mistakes

You want to believe you’re Arnold Palmer. But, the truth is that your shots won’t always be good and true. You’ll shank every now and then. You might have made sure that the fairway is clear, but what about if your ball pulls to the left or right? Will you hit someone? If so, make sure you yell “fore!” before you swing.

How To Prevent Common Injuries

Staying safe out on the golf course is sometimes a matter of prevention.

Regular golfing can put stress on your body. So, you want to prevent injuries before they happen. You can do this by making sure you warm up before you play. Go for a walk, get your blood pumping. Work out off the golf course. Lift weights, and get strong in the gym. Spend time right before you golf moving around to lubricate your joints.

Physically warm up your body. This will help prevent injuring during the game. While it’s no guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you, it does provide some measure of insurance. And, for a little extra protection, you could try stretching before you swing.

Respect The Weather

Playing a round of golf can be time-consuming. And, if you’re like most golfers, you’ll do anything just to finish a game. The problem is that what if the weather turns sour? If you’re playing on a bright and sunny day, no problem. But, when it’s raining, it’s an entirely different ballgame.

Even when it’s sunny out, you should wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn. And, when it rains, either pack it up or wear raingear. Finally, standing in a large open space with a metal club in your hand during a lightning storm is probably not the greatest idea.

Corey Browne has worked at his local golf course for several years, ever since leaving high school. In his spare time he likes writing and often uses his job as a starting point for article topics which appear on sports and men’s lifestyle blogs.

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