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Five Pieces of Equipment to Have For This Road Biking Season

Posted on April 02, 2016 by Brooke Chaplan

Road BikingEnsuring your road biking checklist is complete and well thought out could mean a more enjoyable bike trek, if not a life-saver. As road biking season heats up, remember to find the right equipment and keep these items in mind. Here are just a few essentials you’ll want to consider packing for your next ride.

Experienced riders pack up to a gallon of water, but you’ll need a way to refill when you run out. Plastic bottles are durable, easy to carry, and many include built-in filters that remove sediment from untreated water, ensuring an endless supply. Try to plan a course that puts you near parks with drinking fountains or gas stations that offer free water. You can also get a lot of water on your rides by making use of camelbaks.

Your body needs calories to stay active, and since cycling burns them at a faster rate, stockpiling as many calorie rich foods as you can might be a good idea. Fruit is a great source of energy because your body stores them for longer periods of time and essentially burns them slower, allowing them to power your body longer. Nuts are easy to carry and an excellent source of carbs and protein. Be sure to have some form of electrolytes on hand for your journey as well. This could be in powder form for drinks or as part of your snacks.

You’ve inspected your bike for signs of wear, and you’re ready to plunge into the unknown. However, if misadventure happens to find you, you’ll be happy you packed a small repair toolkit, which includes tire patches, a multi-tool kit, and a tire pump. Never forget your repair essentials on any ride since you never know what might happen.

A change of clothes is ideal for long rides when you might have a long break in between your rides. Bring a backpack that can fit another jersey, or pair of bike shorts. On your way back, it can really help to be in a new pair of clothes that won’t chafe with sweat. If you aren’t planning to stop, at least make sure the clothing and accessories you do have are correct. You’ll need good gloves, a sturdy helmet and sunglasses. You can even get prescription sunglasses at places like All About Eyes for more customized equipment.

Since your IPhone is likely to be your only connection to civilization during a ride, you’ll want to store it in a secure pouch that is easily accessible. Smart phones are usually equipped with GPS apps that can prove to be handy if you’re lost as well.


Road biking is great way to exercise and get out in the sun this summer. Before going out, make sure you have all your equipment necessary.


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