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5 Reasons You Should Encourage Kids To Play Team Sports

Posted on May 18, 2016 by John Harris

LL-baseballWhere do you stand on competitive team sports and children? In recent years, many parents have started thinking twice about encouraging sport for their kids. However, there are a lot of benefits for them that they would miss out on if you didn’t at least offer them the opportunity.

And, the further involvement won’t just help your kids – it’s also good for your family and the local community, too. Here are five reasons why you should allow your children to get involved with team sports.

It’s good for social skills

When your child plays in a team, they learn to be more friendly. It’;s good for communication skills, too. Players in teams are always talking to each other, and putting their ideas across in the shortest possible way. Plus, it gives kids an opportunity to talk with other adults, such as their coaches, referees, and other parents. It’s an excellent life skill that might just draw them out of their shell.

It’s good for your family

Of course, the further your child progresses in team sports, the more commitment it takes. But, all those early morning starts and weekends driving to other fields of play can be valuable family time, too. It’s good bonding time, and sports events are also great social occasions.

It’s great for your community

Communities benefit greatly from local sports teams. They provide an outlet for people young and old to get fit and socialize. But, community sports teams need people to join in. Without participation, there is no team. And, without parents and players raising money for the team, there is no funding. So, think about getting more involved. Hold some events and offer prizes for a draw, as an example. You can use Online Sports Memorabilia Auction sites to find attractive rewards that fit your team’s sport. Or, you could ask local companies to sponsor you with products or services.

It increases academic performance

Studies show that children in sports teams have higher levels of academic performance. So, you will be doing your kids a big favor by encouraging them to join in with their local community sports team. There is a range of skills they need to do well academically, and they learn more about a lot of them when they play team sports. One of the biggest reasons for this is that when kids are at school, team participation is only allowed if they keep their studies up. If their grades start to slip, they will be off the team.

It’s healthy

Finally, playing team sport is a healthy activity that encourages physical exercise. And, when you are in a team, the other players will often drive you on to achieve more than you thought you could. With childhood obesity levels going through the roof these days, it is important to encourage lots of exercise for your kids. Team sports has a lot to offer – and your child’s health and fitness will improve.

As you can see, there are many different benefits from encouraging your child to play team sports. And, it’s not just for your kids – you, your family and your community will all benefit, too.

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