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4 Reasons You Should Take Up Golf Today

Posted on May 20, 2016 by John Harris

golf-2There are so many sports out there today that it is impossible to count them all. When you are looking for a new game to play, it can be tempting to look to the new ones. However, there is something to be said for the older sports. Often, the classic sports are the best – there is a reason, after all, that they remain classic. One such sport is golf. This sport has been around for a long time now – and its popularity only grows and grows. Why might this be? There must be a good reason that people take up golf every day. The fact is, it is one of the finest sports around – and for a number of reasons. If you are thinking about starting up a sport for the summer, then golf might be your best option. Let’s have a look at why that might be the case.

Great Exercise

It might not always look like it, but golf affords you the opportunity to carry out some great exercise. The thing about this sport is that it gives you that kind of exercise which you really need – and which you don’t get all that often. We are talking of cardiovascular exercise. The reason for this is the starting and stopping involved in the game of golf. This kind of exercise is great for your heart, as it encourages its steady pulse. What’s more, taking those swings is a fantastic opportunity to tone your muscles. Golf is, generally, beneficial for many aspects of your physical health.


You’re In Good Company

As a sport, golf has something of a history and a reputation of being for a certain kind of person. These days, golf is as inclusive as can be, and you might be surprised at the people you will see at your local golf club. However, it is also true that the rich and famous often have an interest in golf. What that means for you is that you know you are in great company. Even Barack Obama is a keen golfer, as you can see here:



Golf has a relatively steep learning curve, and this is one of the great joys of the game. When you start out, you might well be frustrated for a while. In truth, it can be a difficult sport to learn the techniques for. However, once you have grasped the basics, you can watch your skills dramatically improve. This is one of those sports which challenges you, and yet allows you to see your progress quite clearly. What this means is that you get that wonderful feeling of accomplishment which not all sports offer. You can read more on this at



Last but not least, this is a sport which allows you to relax – even while getting in some decent exercise. Perhaps it is the fact that you are usually surrounded by glorious scenery. Or maybe it is the gentle lull of the sport itself. Whatever it is, there is something about the rhythm of golf which makes it one of the most relaxing sports you can play. Try it out today – you’ll see what I mean.


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