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5 Tips for an Awesome Sunday Football Party

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Matt Rhoney
Even officials making awful calls won't spoil a great football party.

Even officials making awful calls won’t spoil a great football party.

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As we continue to venture deeper into the football season there comes about an awesome opportunity to get great friends together for old fashion fun, Although, many Sunday football fans are happy to spend an afternoon catching the game at the neighborhood bar, why not enjoy the comfort of your own home and host your own game watching party? Here are some tips for making it a party that’s sure to impress friends and family:

Set Up a Party Zone

When planning your invite list, you may notice you have some friends who love football, but their spouses or partners may have no interest in the game. Instead of making the party exclusive, set up a separate party area in your home for people to sit and socialize rather than being “shushed” by die hard fans watching the game on TV.

Delegate Dishes

Depending on the size of your invite list, you may want to make your party a potluck or at least a BYOB. One of the nice things about hosting a potluck style type of party is that you can taste a nice variety of foods. You can either ask your guests to bring a favorite game day food or delegate a dish to pass. It’s likely that your friends won’t mind as long as you provide the large screen television and surround sound.

Set Up Food Stations

If you’re planning to serve a large meal or have a BBQ, you probably won’t eat until the game is over. If you set up a snack bar (think pretzels, soda, and popcorn) you will keep your guests fighting off hunger while watching the game. If your guests are planning on staying all day, set up a dessert area and a pot of coffee. Setting up food stations will not only keep your guests satisfied, but will save you work in the kitchen so you have more time to socialize and catch the game.

Get Your Own Game Started

As the party host, it’s completely up to you if you want to make it a child friendly gathering, but if kids are allowed you will want to keep them occupied as a Sunday game can get a little long. If weather allows, set up some games in your backyard such as bocce ball or other age appropriate games. Want to have a little fun yourself? Why not set up a friendly betting pool with your adult guests? Winning prize could be a six pack of craft beer, a pair of tickets to a football game, or some football apparel to wear at the next game.

Designate a Driver

Many die hard football fans couldn’t enjoy the game without have a beer or two (or three). While staying put and drinking is typically harmless, it’s important to make sure your party guests do not get behind the wheel after an afternoon of drinking.

Although adults should be responsible for themselves, a good host and friend always looks out for others and Jonathan R. Garza, McAllen car accident lawyer, reminds us that taking the risk of driving after drinking is an expensive and potentially deadly mistake. You can either hire someone to be a designated driver, pay for your guests’ Uber ride, or set up a spare room for some guests to crash for the night.

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