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Injured Playing Sports? What Do You Do Next?

Posted on November 22, 2016 by Kara Masterson

injured-playing-sportsThe old days of playing through the pain are over. Sports injuries can potentially end your career if you don’t take appropriate measures. Doctors, trainers, and coaches now know that it is pointless to keep you in the game with an injury. Apart from worsening the injury, playing through an injury may have adverse psychological effects. Take the following steps if you get injured during sports:

Stop Playing

The moment you notice an injury, or experience increasing pain in any body organ, the first thing you should do is to stop playing at once. Since the umpire or referee may not have noticed it, you need to catch their attention by lying on the ground or alerting team members. If it is too serious, accept the medical team to stretcher you off for attention.

Get Medical Attention

When you experience an injury in the course of play, you need to establish the extent of the injury by seeking medical attention. Your team doctor will conduct the principal diagnosis before making any prescriptions or giving further advice. Don’t take any sports injury lightly, however, slight it may be. What appears a little damage may easily escalate if you don’t take proper measures.

Seek Compensation

In some cases, sports-related injuries may be so dire that they may bring an early end to your career, or cause you permanent disability. If it ever happens to you, all you need to do is contact places like Otorowski Johnston, Morrow & Golden PLLC that provide legal representation to persons who has sustained serious injuries and require compensation. The law firm has a dedicated team of highly experienced physicians who help in a proper analysis of medical conditions. They will; hence, be able to establish whether the injury is valid for compensation and determine the legal channels to follow.

Take a Rest

If you have undergone treatment for the injury you sustained during the game, it is prudent that you take a rest before returning to the track. You may need to follow the advice of your team doctor, or your coach. If they determine that you take time off, keep away from the field. Taking a rest is important because it ensures you heal completely. It wouldn’t do to get back to active sports with a partially healed injury.

It is not uncommon to sustain injuries while playing. However, you need to take appropriate measures to avoid adverse effects. Get out of the game immediately, engage a doctor and take a rest.

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