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5 Things Sports Fans Can Look Forward to in 2017

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Dixie Somers

5 Things Sports Fans Can Look Forward to in 2017Technology has changed many of the aspects of being a sports fan in a positive way. It is now easier than ever to watch every part of every game, as many times as you wish. Here are five things to look forward to in 2017 as sports and technology team up to enhance the fan experience.

1. Fan Communication

Got a great question for your favorite athlete? Twitter has made it even more likely that you might get an answer. More and more athletes are responding directly to fans. Expect this to be even more the case under the tutelage of our tweet-happy new president.

2. Green Stadiums

While some metro areas worry about the infrastructure cost of a stadium, MetLife Stadium has been making some money-saving green upgrades. Much of the building was constructed of recycled metals and plastics, and the catwalk is topped with enough solar panels to light their LED light screen 25 times over.

3. Be the Ref

The San Francisco 49ers offer an app that allows you to access every play from Levi Field from every filmed angle, as soon as it happens. This lets you make the call on an out-of-bounds foot or a missed facemask. Even if you’re not at the game, a good eye and an active social media account can help you to get the attention of sportscasters and team officials. You might not change the course of the game, but you could change the post-game conversation.

4. Smart Clothes

Expect athletes to make it to the next level of training with smart clothing. Sensors in some new clothing can analyze movement and determine the places where an athlete is being as efficient as possible. By helping them to correct minor movements, they can reduce the chance of injury while amplifying speed and endurance. With pro athletes demoing these items, expect a host of new records to be broken by athletes wearing this digital gear.

5. Virtual Reality Programming

Many games will be available for the VR viewer in the next year. The new goggles that have been designed to fit your smartphone will offer a wide array of sports viewing opportunities, from live games to your choice of sports gaming apps. Stare down the face of a 98mph fastball, feel the exhilaration of vaulting at the Olympics, or explore every turn of a perfectly-executed ice skating routine. You can even get a better idea of each player on your fantasy team, which can give you an edge in picking or trading your players.

It’s an exciting year to be a sports fan! Be on the lookout for all these new ways that sports are becoming better in 2017. With advancements like these, it’s hard to imagine what amazing technologies we’ll be able to enjoy in years to come.

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