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Down the Bunny Hill: 5 Skiing Tips for Beginners

Posted on May 20, 2017 by Dixie Somers

ski-2Do you fear that you are too old to learn how to downhill ski? Are you afraid that one fall down the hill will leave you bumped and bruised for good? Even if you have a few skiing fails under your belt, learning to ski the right way can turn everything around for you. If you have never skied before or need some refreshers, start right with these five tips for beginner skiers that will have you enjoying the wind in your face and the mountain sun in your eyes in no time.

Get the Right Clothes

Before you start, make sure that you have the right apparel to make your day a success. While you may think that only the skis make the skier, this is simply not true. Wearing incorrect clothing can leave you hot or cold, wind-burned or wet. Skiing requires layers of clothing to keep you warm and dry. Your base layer should wick moisture away from your skin, the middle layer should keep you warm, and the top layer should keep wind and water away from you. Consider renting clothes and equipment unless you ski frequently.

Learn from a Pro

Because learning to ski as an adult can be difficult both physically and mentally, you should turn to a pro to teach you the basics. A pro can help you keep your confidence level up by treating you with patience. A pro will also be able to teach you proper form and techniques. These individuals know exactly what slopes will be best for you and will help you master the sport in the quickest possible time. The money spent on lessons will certainly be well worth it.

Learn How to Hold Your Body

Strapping your feet into the ski boots and skis may give you some very uncomfortable sensations. You may feel as if you are tied down or about to fall even if you are standing perfectly still. Most beginners feel that they must counter-balance themselves by leaning over the back of the skis or by leaning forward. Either way is awkward and will make you work harder than is necessary. Instead, keep your legs directly under your body while squatting slightly, and angle your shoulders slightly down the hill.

Stop Looking Down

Of course, you will have to look at the ground some of the time to see what is coming up next, but you should keep your eyes off your skis once you get moving. Most beginners have an uncanny urge to keep a constant eye on the tips of their skis, but this creates poor balance and leaves them unsure of where they are going. Just as when you are driving a car, when you look a ways in front of you, you are better prepared and can keep yourself going in the correct direction quite easily.

Stay off the Powder

Perhaps you have heard all your friends talking about the joy of hitting the powder. Powder is the soft snow found on lesser-used trails. However, this soft snow can be quite difficult to get used to and is only worth attempting once you have the basics down. Powder can be heavy and can weigh down your skis, making your more apt to fall and injure yourself.

You may be tempted to save money and simply teach yourself to ski or to get a loved one to show you a few basics. Instead of ending up frustrated and deciding to give up skiing for good, turn to a pro for the best advice as to how to make it skillfully down the slopes. Look into ski areas in Utah to book a ski trip. Before you know it, you may decide that your favorite vacation is one spent at a gorgeous ski resort.

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