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Latest Golf Technology To Improve Your Game

Posted on June 08, 2017 by Dominic Leon

As enamoring as the game of golf is, it has quickly evolved and drawn a lot of players, especially young ones. As the challenges and competition on the course grow, the technology has been raging ahead to meet them. In every field of golf, the latest technology offers unbelievable resources to improve your game and substantiate your effort.  Little technological marvels go on the club, gloves, your wrists, your pockets, golf balls and even in the spikes under golf shoes. So in this post, we just want to give you a whiff of what to look forward to in golf tech this year.


The TaylorMade R15 460 driver doesn’t just look glorious, it is speed and control embodied. By simply adjusting the movable split weights at the back, you can pull a draw or a fade as the situation demands. The Callaway Epic driver is another amazing driver that adds 21 yards of shot-shape correction. This could literally annihilate strokes out of our scoreboard. Paired with these clubs is the similarly enhanced TaylorMade TP5 golf ball. This 5-layer wonder has 10 years of research behind it to provide excellent performance with every club. The premium feel and the burst of energy upon impact cleaves off strokes from your scores.


The best golf GPS watch, Garmin S6, packs 38,000 preloaded courses and yardages to greens and hazards at no subscription fee. It also has SwingStrength and TempoTraining features that literally turn it into a golf coach on the field. The zoom-in view of any point on the course allows you to peruse it just like when you use a handheld golf GPS. Garmin G7 and G8 handheld golf GPS have pushed boundaries like no golf GPS before by introducing slope functionality. For the first time in golf GPS, this function gives you slope-adjusted distances. This is apart from the multitude of other features like PinPointer Technology and Smartphone notifications.


Golf laser rangefinders have made huge progress too.  Bushnell Tour X now touts replaceable faceplates that toggle it between a useful training rangefinder and a tournament-legal rangefinder. With one faceplate, you can see slope-adjusted distance while the other disables this function. Also of note is the Bushnell Tour Z6. A visceral Jolt when the Pinseeker technology locks in on the pin is all the validation we need. There’s also the VividDisplay technology that adjusts the view as the light falters. These are 6x magnification laser rangefinders that spit out distances in seconds. You no longer have to stand and hold them aimed at the target forever.

The Zepp2 golf swing analyzer is another leap in wearable golf tech. This clip-on device fits on your glove and wirelessly connects to a designated app on your phone. Your swing is thoroughly mapped an analyzed based on the data picked up from motion sensors in the device. As the advent of sensors will have it, Zepp 2 costs a mere $150 today. This would have been inconceivable at this price a few years ago. The Arccos 360 is another piece of handy hardware that fits on to the club shaft itself. You don’t have to remove and re-attach it every time you take a shot. It doesn’t just track your shots, it takes in the data and makes gameplay recommendations to improve your game.


Some of the more creative tech innovations in golf include the Self-V fairway headcovers. This headcover mounts a phone clamp which keeps you connected to the world outside golf. It even allows your phone to shoot your swing and analyze it with a capable software later. The Full Swing Golf simulator is another such pick.  This simulator steps beyond realistic into the surrealistic zone. You can pick your courses and play them in the comfort of your home, throughout the season, come sunshine or hale. Another tech plunge has been into golf apps. Many free golf GPS range finder apps have been introduced which remain subscription-free. An IBM mobile app lets you analyze the Masters games live. Apart from simply streaming the video, it gives you a bird’s eye view and graphic of the shots.

The Foot Joy HyperFlex shoes almost made us smile while latching onto this list. These incredibly lightweight and smooth shoes make the golf course a cakewalk. Ergonomically designed, these proactively support your feet rather than just bearing your weight. Strapped with the Grid system, they keep possible injuries at bay.

Technology has redefined the way we experience golf.  These gadgets will help you find confidence in your capabilities and tune your intuitions to master the game.

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