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Top News on Stanley Cup Playoffs

Posted on June 08, 2017 by Samantha Miles


It’s Stanley Cup season again! What a nice moment for avid fans and supporters of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It has been a wonderful moment of hockey season for avid fans around the globe especially during the cup last year and here we go again for another round of Stanley Cup playoffs. Major team’s Pittsburg Penguins and Nashville Predators have been starring on the game since last season and we expect an exciting bout between the two competitive hockey teams this time of the year. All are risks and efforts had been exerted by both teams especially in shifting players, planning tactics and accommodating new players so we could only hope for a tight match from these teams.

Meanwhile, it has been commonplace that sports games had been involved in legal gambling activities all around the world especially that sports had been an anticipated field of recreation for fans and audience. Sports such as horseracing, formula one, and cycling and even hockey are sites for these events where one can bet on his or her favorite player. Legalities of online sports betting in Canada had been made for a considerable time and sports such as hockey had been excellent spaces for betting and recreation. As Stanley Cup Playoffs are paving way for another great season of hockey sports, it has also played a major role in sports recreation. Here, we list down the top news for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Penguins expect Murray to bring them to success

Matt Murray at a young age of 23 had been playing as a goalie for the Penguins and had exerted hockey prowess during a previous game score of 7-0. On Monday, Penguins and huge fans are expecting him to bring success to the hockey team. Although the Nashville Predators had lost the first two games of the Stanley Cup final they are putting major efforts to support player Rinne. After which, the Game 3 resulted in a competing Pittsburgh Penguins in full defense of Murray. Penguins are still very hopeful for gaining a success in Game 4 with a pressure on star player Matt Murray who have exhibited flawless streaks on the game.

Nashville is known to have made a cult aura of supporters on their home ice games but the Penguins are never intimidated and is most accommodating to accept the challenge of a rallying crowd. Penguins have been recognized as one of the top performing hockey teams in worldwide leagues and they went to compete to other team’s home ice comfortably and bringing home the success. They are expecting to win yet another season as they have been hailed the Stanley Cup defending champion last year.


Predators add offensives for Game 3

The Predators team is eyeing on Parenteau to add as an offense factor as they go to Nashville. Ptee Laviolette, the coach of the Nashville Predators, is ready to boost the hockey team’s offense by bringing in more players and releasing the least performing ones. Predators are pressured to win the Game 3 and with higher expectations to team members Parenteau and Zolnierczyk who were

The Penguins, on the other hand, does not make plans on shifting team players even if Nick Bonino failed to take foot during Game 2. Although a large chance of Bonino not playing because of a walking cast, other team members are willing to move up position like Carter Rowney. Rowney may move towards the centerline and another team player Hagelin will move on Rowneys previous position.

The Nashville Predators do not fear Pittsburgh as it is evinced in their game of not letting the defense team manage on getting pucks during the Game 1. Indeed, it was a very important moment for a game as stunning as that for the Predators and although they lost the Stanley Cup, they have been the historic first team to hold the opponent team and submit them shot less for a period, which actually lasted for two periods.

People are now talking about the craze in which how the Predators managed to put on a unique and powerful game to stun the Nashville. All are expecting much from both teams as sports fan and sports analysts alike has been forecasting results to the future game.

On Pittsburgh’s Schultz

Pittsburgh’s Justin Schultz joined the team during the 2016 after suffering from a downward spiral of career and being completely tormented. Sergei Gonchar, the Pittsburgh Penguin’s coach, said that Schultz did not give up but continuously gave his very best. Other people who worked closely with Schultz have agreed by the coach’s declaration adding that Schultz is really a hardworking and professional hockey player.

He has worked hard on his endeavors and he never failed to support the team by his individual merits during games. Penguins have also given Schulz the best environment for the hockey player’s development and all of these have contributed to Schultz growth. Since then, there has been an enormous improvement in both Schultz performances in the team during the last games of leagues they have participated on.

NHL plans to change its Offside Rules

The National Hockey League is planning to revert its offside rules in order to cater to more scoring chances as it also contributes excitement to the intense game. The Stanley Cup Final obviously showed off the problematic challenge of offside. Other major leagues focus and has made changes on the offside to better improve the enjoyment of audience and fans. This is because the audiences are actually paying for goals, touchdowns, home runs and even baskets. These are components that had grown relatively important in the part of the hockey fans. The changing of the offside rule may be controversial because of it’s 90 year significance in hockey league history but it has now been the time, as the NHL declared, to change a rule that is actually known as a crime against offense.

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