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Tips to Make Your Next Tailgate a Smash

Posted on June 11, 2017 by Eileen O'Shanassy

Tips to Make Your Next Tailgate a SmashYou and your friends gather in the parking lot before the big concert or the game and you want to make the tailgate experience as memorable as possible. The problem is, you don’t know where to start to make your tailgate great. There are plenty of things you can do that will help you to put together a tailgate party that everyone will remember and talk about long after the event is over. Here are some great ideas for your next parking lot smash.

Have Music Everywhere

When you plan your party, be sure music is part of your planning process. Along with your vehicle stereo, you should plan on bringing extra speakers to make sure everyone hears the music. Don’t forget to bring an equipment case for your extra speakers to protect them from the potential dangers of a really good tailgate party. You can find hard protective cases that offer protection from the elements as well as travel.

Go Crazy with Themed Food

If you are tailgating before a football game, go for the classic football food. Chips, soda, veggies, and hotdogs are staples that never go out of style. You can also theme your food with the event and get creative with football cupcakes, microphone kebabs and more. Food that is shaped to match the party theme is going to add plenty of character to your event. Ask everyone coming to bring along a dish so you can share in the fun.

Get T-Shirts Printed

If you have time and you consider the event to be significant enough, then have some custom t-shirts printed up for all attendees. You can hand out the t-shirts to people as they arrive to your tailgate party and give them to remember your party for years to come.

Have Activities Planned

A tailgate party is usually a dynamic event where anything can happen. Drinking will usually be a part of the festivities and you can create fun activities centered around this or other elements of the party. You can spice up your party and prevent potential problems by having some activities for people to do. Plan simple things like a ring toss game or a few party games to make it easier on yourself.

When it is time to have a good time at a concert or sporting event, then it is time to tailgate. With some preparation and planning, you can put together a tailgate party people will remember long after it is over.


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