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How to Remember Cycling Legend Stephen Wooldridge

Posted on August 17, 2017 by Christina Sommers

Wooldridge-cyclingIt is a sad day for the cycling world, as one of the most decorated cyclists passes on. Stephen Wooldridge had it all in terms of the top most accolades as a cyclist. He was at the peak of his career in the early and mid-2000s which saw him scoop multiple awards including the Olympic gold medal. It is with this that he has been greatly appreciated not only in his homeland, Australia but also around the world. There is no mention to cycling without uttering Wooldridge. Apart from cycling, he played a huge role in developing the sport and unending mentorships to the young and upcoming cyclists. As such, he will be remembered for the following:

A philanthropist

He was a joyful giver in terms of mentorship and finances. His philanthropy in the sport was received by teams and organizations. For example, he would offer his support in monetary terms to the Olympic teams over the years and also contributed to fundraising for a noble course. His desire to see young cyclists grow and become champions was clear and genuine. Up until his death, he supported almost every initiative, which involved improving the sport in the region.

An Olympic gold medalist

In the 2004 Olympics, all the top athletes and teams went head to head from across the world to compete on the grandest stage of them all. Every great athlete and sportspersons dream of dominating the Olympics and winning the prestigious gold medal. You can catch the upcoming top-rated cycling competition so that you can buy your tickets early and plan beforehand. It was time for Wooldridge to represent his country and show up to scoop the gold. He did not disappoint as he was able to win the cycling race at Athens to keep the Australian flag flying up and high. Due to this, he will be remembered in the history books as a great sportsman worth recognition.

A hall of champions, inductee

Apart from the Olympics, he won other major titles to cement his place in the cycling world as one of the best to ever do it. He won gold in the Common Wealth Games of 2002 which were held in Manchester. On top of that, he has won other 4 major gold medals in different competitions. With all those credentials on his resume, he was inducted in the New South Wales (NSW) Hall of Champions back in 2015. Such an award is given to athletes and sportspersons who have excelled in their sporting careers and Wooldridge proved all that with his exceptional accolades.

Board member for the cycling board in Australia

Even after completely retiring from cycling, he did not stop there. He went ahead to sit on the Cycling Board in Australia to help grow the sport in the region. With his undying love for the sport and the urge to see it reach greater heights, he was able to represent and make recommendations where necessary. His goals were clear and that was to inspire and show good leadership among other cyclists. He served on the board until 2013, since 2007.

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