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How to Choose The Best Pitching Machine

Posted on August 15, 2017 by Lily Jolie

Best-Pitching-Machines-in-2017A pitching machine can be of great benefit to baseball players if used appropriately. This tool is designed to enable players to improve and enhance their hitting skills. The machines are also quite reliable for fielding practice as it helps players refine their accuracy skills when hitting the ball towards a particular target. Most baseball players find it overwhelming when strategizing on how to choose the best pitching machine. This is because these machines come in different variations and with different features. Here are a few tips to remember when choosing the best pitching machine:

Type of pitching machine 

Pitching machines come in different types depending on the level at which the machine of choice will be used. These levels include:

Youth pitching machines 

If you are a youthful baseball player preparing to take part in a league or competition, there are various options of pitching machines to settle for. Most importantly, the right machine for you is one that throws balls at fast speeds from 50mph and above. You also need to ensure that the machine of choice throws consistent strikes. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that you choose a portable pitching machine. This is because you may have to be wheeling the machine to and from the field during practice sessions. It is also necessary to ensure that the machine of choice is considerably light weight and effortlessly mobile.

Things you might be intested for choose a pitching machine:

High-school pitching machines

Baseball players and coaches looking for pitching machines for use when practicing for high school leagues have unlimited options to opt for. Even if you are working on a tight budget, you can be sure to find the right machine for you; a machine that fits your budget. For these pitching machines, you should opt for machines with a throwing speed of a minimum of 30 mph. It is worth noting that this is the stage that pitchers are developing their pitching skills. As such, it is crucial for pitchers to be able to hit different pitches before deciding to settle on one type. Portability is still an important factor to consider when looking for the ideal pitching machine.

Backyard pitching machines

These pitching machines are designed for use by freelance baseball players who play for fun and enjoyment. The ideal backyard pitching machine to purchase is dependent on several factors such as the size, setup and orientation of the backyard. If your backyard is relatively small, you should consider getting a machine that only throws light and soft balls. You should also ensure that the machine of choice is effortlessly portable and mobile for easy movement on the backyard as well as in other areas where you may need to use the machine.

General features 

The general features and attributes to look for in pitching machines include the power source, the holding capability of the feeder, swivel, remote operated and the type of balls that can be used with the machine. Always ensure that you only settle on pitching machines that run on both AC and DC current. Additionally, the best pitching machine should be compatible with different types of balls for better functionality and performance. Visit for additional reliable tips on choosing the best pitching machine.


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