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Nadal Set to Redeem Himself after Losing to Federer in the AUS Open 2017

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Christina Sommers

Nadal-2017It was considered as one of the most thrilling Grand Slam championships in 2017 where the two heavy weights went head to head. The odds favored Rafael Nadal to win since he had better ranking and was active unlike Roger Federer. However, tables would turn at the AUS Open 2017 final championship where Federer came on top to win his 18th Grand Slam title of his career. In the wake of this, Nadal had a chance to redeem himself as the then number 2 tennis player in the world. There was the Wimbledon, French Open, and the US Open tournaments which would help him bounce back in his winning ways.

The victory at the US Open

The stage is all set for next year as he joins Andy Murray for the 2018 ATP world tour. It is no doubt that the odds have changed with the recent ranking for the top three. Roger Federer has gone from position 17 to position 2 this year only. With the top 3 best ranked men’s single tennis players gracing next year’s ATP world tour, Nadal can open up a wave of more Grand Slam titles by winning the AUS Open of 2018. Get the latest AUS Open news and learn the how important this tournament is to both the fans and players. Find out things such as the prize money for the winners and runners up plus winners of the previous tournament.

A return to the Number 1 spot

The victory at the French Open and the US Open championships propelled him to the first spot since 2014. It was initially held by Andy Murray who has since settled for the third spot. Nadal is on the verge of dominating the ATP world tour next year after missing out on a chance to bag four Grand Slam titles this year. With Federer being in great form this year, Nadal was able to capture the French Open and the US Open and lost the AUS Open and Wimbledon Championships.

He is the king of clay

He is arguably the best when it comes to clay court. It is thus very difficult to beat him on a clay court as he comes out with great energy and can win easily. A healthy Nadal will put up a great fight when it comes to battling it out on the clay tennis court. As the world number one ranked tennis player among men’s singles, he is set to come back for the 2018 AUS Open Championship next year in Brisbane.

The odds will certainly change for the next year’s ATP world tour. However, if Nadal is to keep his winning ways alive, he has to be healthy and stay focused. All in all, he can turn things around and win the four Grand Slam titles for next year to catch up with


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