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3 Must-Have Tech Devices for Today’s Fitness Professionals

Posted on September 22, 2017 by John Harris

Fitness-ProfessionalsFor many fitness professionals, offering the best possible experience to your clients is a top high priority. This often means guaranteeing clear and quick results, providing an enjoyable and unique workout regimen, and offering great customer service. So how can you gain that competitive edge?

These days, technology is able to create greater efficiencies and effective processes, including in the health and fitness sector. In fact, in a 2017 study, the Fitness Industry Technology Council argued it’s vital for fitness professionals to adopt and embrace technology in their offerings and services.

Looking to better harness technology at your gym? Here’s a look at some devices you can offer your clients to achieve a better overall health and fitness experience.

1. Body Composition Analyzers

As you may be intimately aware, tracking your clients’ weight on a traditional scale doesn’t always provide an accurate reading to promote better health. That’s because it can be difficult to determine whether your clients’ weight and mass is made up primarily of muscle or fat.

But body composition analyzers like the InBody 570 can provide you and your clients with a variety of measurements, including body mass and fat readings as well as hydration and muscle mass levels, through a few simple steps.

Having this technology literally at your fingertips not only provides better transparency to your clients, but also provides more credibility to your work as a fitness professional, as you can make adjustments based on client readings and show a clear return on their investment.

2. Collective Heart Rate Trackers

For clients looking to quickly lose weight, heart rate training is often a great solution. While many people own heart rate monitors, why not invest in a heart rate-based group fitness and exercise app, including those sold Polar and FitMetrix, to better track the health and performance of your fitness class participants?

Through these apps, you can display the heart rates of all participants on your gym’s big-screen TV to not only have them better track their individual performance, but also see how they stack up against others. Not only can this create some healthy competition within your gym, but it can also push your clients to work harder to realize their goals. Plus, it can give your business a competitive edge over other less tech-savvy gyms as you look to boost membership.

3. Smartphones and Tablets

Utilizing new technology, including on smartphones and tablets, is a great way to streamline business processes and forge stronger client relationships. In fact, you can use tablets and smartphones to deliver a more efficient check-in and class scheduling system.

Investing in smartphones and tablets is also an easy way for you to market your business through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great mediums to offer promotions, highlight client success stories, and post interesting fitness-related news to clients and prospects alike. You can also use smartphone apps to send personal training appointment or fitness class reminders, as well as conduct surveys or giveaways. Indeed, the possibilities are truly endless.



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