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Is It Legal For Fighters To Bet On The UFC?

Posted on October 16, 2017 by James Andrews

UFC 184: Rousey v ZinganoBetting is a common sport across the world. There is something fascinating, compelling and even berating about predicting the right outcome and generating yourself a few dollars in the process.

The more popular the sport the easier it will be to find the right bet. Sports like UFC have become incredibly popular thanks to high profile athletes like Ronda Rousey. Once you start looking into UFC you will realize that there are approximately ten fights every weekend across the different weight bands. This means there is always something to bet on.

Every fight can end in a submission, decision or a straightforward knockout; increasing the options for you when placing your bet.

In fact, to improve your chances and reduce the effect on your wallet you may find it a good idea to start by doing a little UFC free betting.

Free betting means you get to place a bet without having to put any money down! All you actually need to do is create an account with the betting agency and use the free funds they give you to place your first bet or bets!

Who Can Place A Bet?

Surprisingly anyone can bet! The simplest answer to the question of whether it is legal for fighters to bet on the UFC is yes. However, it does get more complicated than your standard bet and the majority of bookies will not accept a bet placed by a fighter on his own fight.

There is a principle which suggests you should never bet on a fight on which you can affect the outcome. Theoretically this is possible in a UFC fight.

Bets would not be allowed if:

  • The UFC fighter was betting on themselves to lose. This is too easy to influence.
  • If they bet on themselves to win in a specific way; this could change the way they fight or even whether they yield when in agony!

It is worth noting that any fighter who bets on their own fight risks the reputation of the UFC; or the governing body depending on the sport. They will react aggressively if there is any form of impropriety behavior in order to protect the sport.

In fact, there have been fighters banned from ever fighting again because they broke the rules and bet on themselves to lose; pocketing a fortune in the process.

The loophole which you need to be careful of is that it is possible to bet on your opponent winning; effectively stating that you are going to lose. This is still technically wrong and will definitely get you in trouble with your opponent as well as the UFC.

Final Note

Betting on yourself to win, lose or even survive until a specific round does raise safety issues in the ring. It is also generally considered unprofessional and the majority of fighters would not want to risk the reputation of the sport just for monetary gain. But, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.


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