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3 Reasons Why The Eagles Will Win Super Bowl 52

Posted on January 30, 2018 by James Andrews

SB52It’s just days until the 52nd Super Bowl and the excitement is mounting. Even those of you who aren’t avid American Football fans will be tuning into watch this epic battle which will take place in Minneapolis.

Tom Brady is, once again, leading the Patriots onto the field; he’s chasing his sixth Super Bowl win and hoping to be named MVP. That’s not even all the records he’s hoping to break.

Money certainly isn’t a motivating factor, although the winners and the losers both get a reasonable chunk of change.

If you’re a gambling person, and let’s face it who doesn’t like a flutter on the Super Bowl, then you might be considering putting some money on the Patriots.

If you are then it is essential to use a legal betting site like; if you’re going to win you need to be sure you’ll be able to collect your winnings.

But, playing against them is the underdogs, The Eagles; they can’t be written off yet!

Aside from the fact that The Eagles have played exceptionally well this year, there are 3 reasons why you should consider placing your money on them to win:

1.       Defense

The Eagles defense has been virtually unbreakable this year. Despite the change mid season to Foles it has proved to be hard to beat.

In fact, Foles, The Eagles quarterback might appear as a relative unknown but he had a fantastic season with the Eagles back in 2013 and seems to have returned to form this year.

The secret to containing Brady is to lock his receivers down and keep the pressure on him. This is not an easy task but the Eagles are potentially the best team to achieve this. Enough pressure can secure them an early lead and leave the Patriots on the back foot.

2.       Offense

The Eagles have shown that they are capable of choosing the right strategy every time. Mixing offensive plays with good passing to ensure the opposing team are left outside their comfort zone.

You could say that the Eagles don’t excel at any specific offensive approach, but they are very good at all of them and this gives them the ability to constantly mix it up. In short, the Patriots will struggle to defend against this approach.

3.       Nick Foles

The last few games have seen Foes placing the ball perfectly virtually every time. If he can continue this incredible form then the Patriots are going to struggle to retain possession of the ball, never mind make any significant progress.

In fact, if Foles simply plays well the Patriots are likely to find this an incredibly tough game.

You might be ready to place your bets, but before you assume that the Patriots have this in the bag, watch a few of the Eagle’s games. You’ll realize anything is possible on February 4. Of course, the Eagles are the underdogs; which means they have less to prove and will be more able to focus on the game than succumb to pressure.

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