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5 Tips to Picking out the Best Pool Cues

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Dan Parker

pool-cuesQuite often pool enthusiasts wish that playing pool was as easy as grappling a cue and striking the cue balls. As a beginner, you’d be forgiven for such naivety, but you’ve come to the right place to take in a thing or two about choosing the perfect pool cue.

First, experiment with various cue sticks while examining their weight, length and individual diameter of their tips. Opt for the cue you feel most comfortable using. Let’s explore in detail the fundamentals of choosing the best pool cues.

1. Your skill level

Prices vary from one manufacturer to another; however, there are pricing specifications that help you select your cue depending on your expertise. Supposing you’re getting started, look ahead to spending roughly $100 on a stout amateur cue.

Once you up your game, and more so when you start contesting, you’ll want to improve on your cue to something a bit ampler. Intermediate to advanced gamers can look forward to spending sum of $150 – $500 for a suitable cue. Upon attaining a professional level, cue prices start at about $500.

2. Weight and balance

A standard cue weighs roughly between 18 to 21 ounces. Cues usually have numbers on them indicating the aggregate weight of the cues. The most common and often the perfect weight is 19oz.

Perhaps you prefer a lighter or heavier cue, but 190z is the ideal medium for a newbie. Also, keep in mind that your height greatly affects your cue balance. In the case that you are shorter than average, house cues may seem heavy for you, and this dramatically affects your game than you might realize. Instead, opt for forward-weighted cues. Some cue designs enable for weight to be removed or added.

3. Wraps and grips

Some players desire nothing more than a tidy look and the grip of natural wood, while others favor something a bit cushier. Irish linen is a popular option due to its soft and graspable feel. Rubber and leather golf type grips are sought after and sporty options. Experiment with a variety of grips and wraps to figure what feels comfortable for you.

4. One or two-piece

You’ll find a lot of arguments for the styles mentioned above and most players vouch for one or the other. Note, a one-piece cue provides better quality for the price. Indeed, the two-piece cue is more portable. Supposing you’re putting up a game room, we recommend that you buy the one-piece sticks; however, if you take part in a league, the portable two-piece would serve you best.

5. The cue tip

The cue’s tip remains the most critical part. Try a few tips to find the best suited for your style of play. For example, assuming you put a lot of backspin on the ball, we suggest that you acquire a soft tip. If you go for power and control, choose the hard tip.

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