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Gambling Among Student-Athletes

Posted on February 01, 2019 by Abhinav Vasudevan

sports betting-2The Curiosity of Gambling
The curious youths are literally curious about everything and anything they hear, see or read. Though gambling is age-restricted, there are some forms of gambling that students end up to try such as online scratch cards games in uk. Gambling has a strong impact psychologically on young student-athletes. A lot of college students try their luck in gambling. More often than not, it gets out of their control after a while. This affects mental and physical health in a bad way.

Effects of wagering
Gambling has shown an adverse effect on the behaviour of the students. Any student playing excess of gambling tend to become socially awkward. This anti-social behavior also affects their academic and sports performance by a great deal. In some cases, it leads the students to depression and drug addiction and they tend to become more abusive.

Besides, poor academic results, the worst impact of gambling is on the athletic performances. The student-athletes often engage them in criminal activities and drugs. This impairs their concentration level and physical prowess. Studies show that male students are more likely to fall prey of gambling than the female students. Many male athletes stop playing totally because of lack of interest.

Online Sports Betting
The authorities encourage young athletes to not put money in any kind of gambling activities. Student-athletes often gamble money on the sports and before they know is they get addicted to it. The records show that more students are engaging in gamble-related activities compared to last decade. The related facts are present at

Sports wagering is quite common in student-athletes. But in recent years, sports betting has increased a lot in the youth, mainly online betting. The players are easy to get lured by the cool bonus features of the online betting site. And they like to prove their mettle among the friends by winning the bets based on their in-game knowledge and skills.

The Gambling environment
Although sports wagering is strictly prohibited by the school/college authorities, students still find a way to gamble their money in sports. Reports suggest that more than 25 percent of male students are indulged in sports betting. The games like golf have an environment where betting is well accepted and highly practised. Therefore the student-athletes associated with gold are much more likely to.pick up the habit of sports wagering.

The need for a mental health-care
Gambling-related problems are often hard to be noticed until they get really severe. The other issues like drugs, drinking, and smoking etc are easily detected and can be cured and controlled in the early stages before developing any further. However, gambling too is an addiction whose bad effects start to show in a long run and not immediately.

It is important to notice the gambling-related issues in the student-athletes before they get bigger and ruin their career. It is important to know and understand the need for excessive gambling in youths. Usually, the teammates know it when a player is indulged in gambling problems. This should be treated as soon as possible with the help of a healthcare system to ensure that it does not affect the player’s mental and physical health.

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