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Online Casino Myths

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Lisa Turnbull

Casino games have come a long, long way in recent years and now, online, you will find an endless amount of fun, engaging and creatively developed titles to fill your UK casino void. Brands such as Casino Dames are excellent at delivering some of the best online casino games to you.

Ranging in themes and jackpots, there really is a game for everyone and as such, the online casino game has never been more popular. Hundreds of thousands of people play online casino every day and with the majority of new titles being available across all of smartphone, tablet and desktop, it has never been easier to have a flutter.

However, as with all gambling, many players have suspicion about the games they are playing. After all, the casino is against you, not on your side. There are many myths that surround casino and online slots, too, so we are here to point out a few that you may commonly here.

Without further ado, we present to you, a fine selection of online casino myths:

Some times of day are better to play than others

This one is straight up incorrect.

Deriving from the idea that in casinos, fruit machines would easier to win when less people are playing, this theory is simply not true. The 24 hour nature of online gambling means that servers are always busy and people are winning at all times of the day.

Despite the fact that some websites suggest otherwise, this is in fact a myth.

You are less likely to get a jackpot after just seeing one

Again, this is a popular myth that many people stand by and live by.

Maybe in the old days, there may have been people in the pub, lurking and waiting to see how much money had been put into the fruit machine. Waiting for their time to strike should it not have paid out yet. However, in the online casino game world, this is simply not a reality.

Odds are always the same, whether you have had a bad run of spins or a good one – that is quite simply the nature of casino games.

Using the ‘Max Bet’ button increases your chances of a win

Assumably using the thought that online casinos want you to bet more money at a time – which is not necessarily true in itself – there is a theory that by pressing the ‘max bet’ button, your odds of winning will improve.

Sadly though, for anyone who has tried this, at least, it is again, simply not true. Buttons on the online casino games you play are all wired the same, staying true to their function and not affecting anything else that the game may entail.

3 reel slots allow less wins than modern slots

Our final myth to bust surrounds the classic 3 reel slots that are still popular today.

Despite a lot of money being spent on more elaborate, more complicated slots, the chances of winning in these more basic games are just the same as they always were. Gambling companies are carefully monitored and as such, many myths surrounding them are untrue.

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