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How Online Sports Betting Evolved Throughout History 0

Posted on August 06, 2020 by Luther Abrams
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Online sports betting began in 1996 when the first online wager was placed on a website for an FA Cup soccer game. Since then, sports betting has changed, and it has gone on to be one of the most profitable gambling sectors in history.

Today, many use the internet to place their wagers on sports events. It’s contributed heavily to the online betting industry, which is now worth billions of dollars. With its seemingly unstoppable rise and popularity, it’s also expected to expand and reach even greater heights in the near future.

But as we all know, the future wouldn’t happen if there was no history. This article will focus on how online sports betting got to where it is today. Here’s how online sports betting evolved throughout history.

Regulation and legislation changes

When the sports betting industry first took off, it wasn’t regulated closely enough. Most websites had licenses to operate and provide services without having to comply with strict requirements. So back then, scam sites were difficult to distinguish until someone’s already been victimized by one.

Nowadays, thanks to the regulation and legislation changes in different countries, players are now more secure. They can be confident that their information and money are safe, especially now that many online gambling jurisdictions exist to legalize and license those who want to operate and provide gambling services online. There’s still room for improvement, but we definitely have a safer betting environment now.

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Tips on How to Start Winning at Poker 0

Posted on August 05, 2020 by Emily Johnson

Losing is never fun and especially not if it costs a lot of money. In poker, there is a word for bad players, namely fish. This article IndiaGamblers highlighted four simple tips on how to start winning at online poker and stop being a fish.

  1. Dare to lie down

There is something called premium hands and they are the strongest hands. These are the dressed cards. For example; ace and ace, king and king, queen and queen, ace and king (of the same suit) or jack and jack. Since there are 169 different starting hands in Texas hold’em (apart from color combinations), it is important to learn when to continue and when to bet. If you were sitting with premium hands and no player before you has raised, you can keep them. Keep in mind, however, that if someone raises or calls in front of you, it may be better to lie down if you are not sitting with aces and kings. This means that if you play Texas hold’em, you should place 80% more hands than you play.

2. Position

Where you choose to place yourself at the table is very important and is also called position. This means that if you are the player who is last at the table, it is you who decides how big the pot will be. In addition, it is easier to calculate the opponents and thus also facilitate even bluffing. Position is especially important when playing Texas hold’em.

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Which are the Recent Trends in an Online Casino? 0

Posted on July 21, 2020 by Zeeshan Khan

The trend of online games and entertainment is flourishing at a greater speed. As a result, it attracts investment opportunities and gives you chances to make money by using your cognition for betting online. The results and speedy growth of casino singapore online, it can be concluded that online casino is the next billion-dollar industry that attracts a large number of gamers to make their investment in form or deposits. You can find the most trustworthy site where you can click the link and leap to the favorite game. No need to install the software and make other arrangements. The smooth functioning of computer or laptop will be enough with a consistent internet facility for progressive playing. Along with that, it comes with various casino games, and thus you can select the one where you can showcase your skills.

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Crucial Things To Assess Before Proceeding With An Online Sportsbook 0

Posted on July 14, 2020 by John Harris

Betting has certainly fascinated people in the past as well, and it will continue to do so. Wagering on sports is just one of the means that is highly popular among its viewers and fans due to the complete access for the same. 

Betting on cricket online in India has undergone some serious advancements with the advent of new applications and innovations brought on by upcoming technologies and the digitization of everything. 

Sports betting is something that has been going on for centuries, as it carries the certainty of winning something if you know how to bet.

Apart from being fun, new platforms have also made sports betting now legal. Several legal sites have now been created by bookmakers to provide their customers with a sense of security over the lawfulness of the process. Keeping this in mind, there are several other things than just legality of your dealer to concern yourself with when proceeding with an online sportsbook. 

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Ultimate Guide to Extra Chilli Slot Mega Wins and Spins 0

Posted on June 08, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Online gambling is getting more popular with each passing day. Every bit of online casinos is being digitized, ranging from gaming options to payment procedures, among other great features. It has given rise to many games available, including Extra Chilli slot that offers an avalanche of great opportunities to winning much. However, in the wake of casino games, one has to learn about the lucrative match due to its peculiar rules. The following is an ultimate guide to make a killing at extra Chilli slot games.  

  1. Strategize with a demo slot

It might be challenging to strategize a new chili slot game most of the time. However, under the sun, almost everything is possible with the brilliance offered by technology. Gambling sites have availed demo slots, which are a way to practice how the slots will work in your favor—all you can strategize on the slot to work in your favor. Demos are created to encourage punters to continue gaming. A demo is themed to assist you in learning more about the game, after which you can start engaging with real cash. Your winning patterns would have significantly improved by then.

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Why Online Betting Is Addictive 0

Posted on June 04, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Online betting refers to the gambling services that are offered by betting sites. Betting comes with addiction which sometimes becomes hard for an individual while quitting. Individuals who gamble keep doing so to avoid depression and stress. Many players usually bet to get some sense of excitement more especially when they win. Betting can be done in sports like football, racing, or playing poker with friends. Quitting betting is never easy for any individual but it can be done with the help of a social support group who are experienced and qualified in handling such matters related to addiction.

Below are some of the reasons why betting is addictive;


Betting comes with a sense of fun that players majorly gain when they win. However, not every individual who visits the gambling site has the motive or objective of winning. Some usually after a long day’s activity just want to visit the sites and have fun by betting and finding an activity to do.


The desire and desperation for money usually make individuals involve in betting activities. When individuals bet and win some money through sites such as ufabet, they gain the morale of betting continuously even if they lose next. This continuous process of losing and winning becomes habitual and hard for an individual to stop. An individual, therefore, becomes addicted and keeps hope alive about winning anytime. In some cases, life becomes challenging to people with no job or source of employment more so the youths and the only option left is to stake some money with the hope of getting much more.

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