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3 Coaching Tips To Help Your Team Succeed

Posted on June 28, 2019 by Blake Childress

Coaching little league for the first time? Have you been asked to volunteer? Maybe your kid is part of a team! Read our list below and if you follow these essential little league coaching tips it will only help you to have success.

Did you know that the first Little League was established by a man named Carl E. Stotz in 1939. Stotz always had a dream and he was always set on adult supervision to stop bickering on the sandlot. After being turned down by over fifty businesses, Carl finally convinced a lumber company, a dairy, and a pretzel maker to sponsor some of the teams, for $30 each. On June 6, 1939, the first Little League Baseball game was played at Park Point in Williamsport. In 1939, he officially started up the league. The bases were placed 60 ft apart and the pitcher’s mound was placed 40 ft from home plate.

That was a long time ago, but look how far little league baseball has come today. Without further delay coaching is something you should take pride in and below are three ways you can have an impact on your team.

Coaches Listen

Ever heard the saying that we have two ears and one mouth? Well it is so true and something that coaches need to do. Yes as a coach you must get your point across, but you have to understand your players needs and wants. Good coaches listen to their athletes. They take time to understand their athletes and what’s motivating them.  It’s by listening to their athletes and through understanding what’s motivating them that good coaches are able to build strong connections. Listening will in return actually help you as a coach learn and you may not even realize it at the time. Developing connections and listening will allow for trust and respect to be established between you and the players on your team.

Coaches Love

Good coaches have to love what they do and that is an absolute must. The love of coaching, love of helping athletes to be everything they can be is something that drives coaches to coach. When times get tough it is their love of coaching that inspires them to continue to push. It is their love of knowing that quality coaching can change the lives of people they coach. Love of coaching creates energy, excitement and brings enthusiasm to your team. Coaching is more than just on the field, it is off the field as well. What events off the field have you done with your team? Have you had a cookout? Maybe surprise your team with Trading Pins or take the team out for ice cream. When you show love to your team on and off the field kids will sense that and grab onto your energy.


As a coach do you realize the amount of power you possess to influence your athletes in a positive way, both in terms of their sportsmanship and generally as human beings?

MOTIVATION is a key element of this process.

Examples of wrong motivation are yelling, humiliation, or other ineffective tactics that will only create negativity, and frustration eventually setting your team up for failure and possibly creating a terrible experience that can stop your players from ever wanting to play sports again. Motivation the right way, however, could have a huge impact in the lives of your athletes and in the overall success of your team, creating a ripple effect of positive results that’ll extend far beyond the sports arena. Your actions must speak volumes when it comes to motivation and rallying your players together to perform as a team. You can’t expect your players to respond with enthusiasm if you show up late, or act like you’d rather be somewhere else.  If you show motivation, it will spread like wildfire and your athletes will follow. 

Are You Ready?

So are you ready to start coaching? Follow the above coaching tips and start becoming the best coach that you can be.

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