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What Are the Different Types of Sports Wagering?

Posted on September 27, 2019 by Varun Kumar

Whether you are a beginner bettor or a professional betting enthusiast, there are several questions you tend to ask when it comes to sports gambling. And one such question that most of the gamblers ask is “what are the different types of sports bets”?

First of all, there is no particular stake that is better or superior to others. In fact, it completely depends on the person placing the bet, the sport they are wagering, and the current situation.  The type of wager may have certain advantages and disadvantages depending on the circumstances. Most of the experienced bettors already know about different types of sports wagers but it’s often difficult for beginners to understand the type of sports bets they can place.

Even though there are similarities in the way bets are placed at online casino sites like, there is a lot of new information to learn on this aspect. Let’s have a look at some common types of wagers you find in sports betting.

Moneyline Wager

Commonly known as a winning bet, money line wager is the simplest form of sports gambling. A win bet is considered one of the easiest forms of sports betting. This is because it is super simple to place a winning bet. Besides, it is a traditional form of betting that is used by almost all the professional bettors.

You can use this type of wager in almost all types of sports. In the simplest terms, money line wager is as simple as choosing the team, event, or match that will win according to you.

Point Spreads

You can use this wager for basketball and other such games as well. Note that this type of wager is completely different from the one we learned above. Instead of betting on a particular participant or group, the gambler has to place a bet on the participant they think can cover the spread. The main aim of the bookmaker is to provide equal favorites.

The participants are in the form of “favorites” and “Underdog”. You can support either of them. If you are supporting favorites, you want them to win the game by a greater margin than the spread created by the bookmaker. On the contrary, you will want the underdog to win the match or lose it by a score less than the spread.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is slightly similar to the point spreads i.e. certain points and given and deduced from both the teams. But unlike point spreads, the main goal of the bookmaker here is to provide different options to the users than equaling participants’ favorites. It might seem a bit complex, but in reality, handicap betting is a straight type of sports wager.

These were three types of sports wager that you must know about. While some of the sports bet (such as win bet) are used universally, other bets are confined to a specific location.

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