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Common Mistakes Made In Sports Betting

Posted on October 02, 2019 by John Harris

Without a doubt, sports betting is one of the most commonly used means of making money. While the technicalities of betting can make it hard to win cash and easier to lose some, understanding the betting industry places you one step ahead of other gamblers. 

One of the things every good gambler knows is the importance of making time to learn as much as possible about betting. A critical area to familiarize yourself with is on common mistakes made during sports betting. By learning about these mistakes, you can learn how to avoid them. This will increase your chances of placing winning bets every time. 

Common mistakes made in sports betting 

Failure to understand the basics 

Most sports gamblers dive into the art of gambling without taking the time to understand how sports betting works. This limits the possibility of placing winning bets. It takes little time and research to be up to speed with the sports betting industry. You will understand odds and how to place winning bets. 

A site such as has a wealth of information about different bookmakers. This makes it easier for you to choose the most reliable one for your betting activity. 

Betting with a mind that is not sober 

While this may seem cliché, placing bets while intoxicated increases your chance of making the wrong decisions with your odds choices. When you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your critical decision-making ability is distorted, and thus you are not in the right frame of mind to place reasonable bets. There have been cases where players risked all their bankroll funds on losing games because they took the chance while drunk or high. 

Failure to shop for betting lines 

One of the beauties of online sports betting is the ability to shop for betting lines. Most people do not know that this is an advantage they can exploit. Before placing bets, always shop for the best betting lines to make the most of your stake. 

Online sportsbooks are not all created with equal betting lines. Sports betting lies bets are changed as they are placed. This protects the bookies from making huge losses based on their calculations. The ability to adjust the odds means that you have a chance to find sportsbooks offering better odds than others. Always shop for lines to find the best ones for your investment. 

Failing to use a bankroll management plan 

Most online gamblers do not have an active bankroll management plan. They place bets based on intuition. This is a dangerous way of using your bankroll. With a management plan, you get to determine how much you will use to place bets. You also get to decide on the criteria to use to determine how much you place as a bet. 

A good bankroll management plan can make it possible for you to stretch a small bankroll for longer than you would have if you didn’t have a plan. You can find guides on bankroll management plans online. 

Failure to narrow your focus 

One rule followed by every successful sports gambler is only betting on spots they are very familiar with. Betting on sports you are unfamiliar with increases the chances of losing. Instead of betting on every game available on the online betting site, pick one or two sports that interest you. Focus your research on these sports and use the knowledge you collect to place potentially winning bets. 

Not cashing out 

Always cash out your winning tickets. The ticket only becomes cash once it is cashed out. Ensure you cash the tickets as soon as you make a win. This way, you reduce the chances of losing your winning wager. 

Too much betting 

Sports betting can be fun and very addictive. One you feel like you are on a winning streak, you will want to bet every chance you get. However, this can be dangerous. The best way to win at betting is only doing it when it makes sense. Patience is essential as you wait for the perfect opportunity to bet. You will know an excellent betting opportunity when you see it. 

Using a site that is not safe

There are harrowing stories from people who used unlicensed sites to place their bets. This happens when you do not research on the site of interest before you start playing on it. Betting on a website that is not safe means that your rights as a gambler are not protected. This also puts your personal information at risk. Search online for sites that cannot be trusted and avoid them at all costs. Always perform background checks on sports betting sites you are interested in gambling at. 

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