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The Concept Behind Covering The Spread

Posted on October 21, 2019 by John Harris

NFL betting enthusiasts may have often come across the term ‘covering the spread’. Not many people would be aware of the concept behind the term. Also due to assumptions and misconceptions, the concept gets re-defined the wrong way. As a result, you may place a wrong bet and then stand a chance of losing your hard- earned money due to your misconceptions around such terms. This is why it is crucial to have a clear understand of this term, and augment your chances of winning with strategic bets.

When there is a face-off between a stronger team and a weaker team, bettors usually spread the point so that there is betting in favor of both teams at equal odds. The general tendency will be to prefer the stronger team and not bet on the weaker one. However, with a handicap or a virtual ‘headstart’, betting in favor of the weaker team can be made more appealing and attractive.

‘Covering the spread’ means that the weaker team (the underdog) wins the bet with extra points. So, it is no just classifying a team as strong or weaker. It goes beyond that. The spread also helps allocate a numerical value to the perceived difference both the teams. This prevents an lop-side potential and gives both team equal chances of winning so that the betting process remaining dynamic and vibrant.

Spread betting is a popular method to handicap the winning team and give some sort of leverage to the weaker team. This way, both teams are put on an even playing field.

Here are some terms that will help you understand the concept in a better way

1 – The oddsmakers assign some points to the stronger team favored to win a match

2- In order that a bettor wins on the stronger team, that team needs to clinch the game by more points than the spread amount. This is the handicap process which provides a ‘head start’ to the weaker team and make them a good side to bet on. 

3 – For instance, in case a team is favoured by 6 points, then the favourite must win by more than a touchdown to cover the spread.

4 – From the underdog’s point of view, this also means that the weaker team must either win or lose by less than a touchdown. This will help them beat the spread and make the team an appealing one for bettors even though they are historically the weaker of the two teams in the match.

When you are making a pick, points spread will help to make both teams equally attractive from a betting perspective. IF you bet on the stronger team fo the two, you get a handicap

Sports betting enthusiasts keep using terminologies like beating the spread, or covering the spread. If you are into the NFL betting space on Betway, then it is vital to stay abreast of the knowledge behind these terms. This will help you bet better and stay ahead of the odds for a profitable activity.

To sign off

Hope now you are clear about the term ‘covering the spread’. This will help you gain a competitive upper hand when you place a bet, so that your chances of successful bets shoot up dramatically.

Try this knowledge on your next sports bet on NFL premier league clubs, and test your knowledge on tactical sports betting. All the best!

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