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5 Awesome Gifts for Every Sports Fan

Posted on October 27, 2019 by John Harris

We are now just two months from Christmas, so time to start thinking about the best gifts for sports fans and exercise warriors. Below are five items that may be perfect for the sports enthusiast in your family.

Kool8 water bottle – I know there are lots of water bottles on the market, but the Kool8 is truly the only one you need. The sleek design, full insulation and multiple colors makes it the “must have” bottle for all workout warriors.

TwinkleInTime Star Maps – Okay, this may not be a normal sports gift, but how can you go wrong with stars? The TwinkleInTime star maps can be put into any shape, including a baseball, football or even a tennis racket. It will be a gift that keeps everyone talking at the holiday party.

Football 3D Illusion Lamp – If you are looking for that last touch for someone’s man cave, the Football 3D Illusion Lamp might just be the perfect thing. The lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion while playing tricks on your eyes. From a distance, it looks multidimensional, but from close distance it appears flat. It comes in many colors to fit any sports fan.

Newborn Child Crochet Sports Hats – While newborn gifts are certainly a year-round thing, during football season what child doesn’t need a crochet hat from his/her parents favorite sports team. You can find many on Etsy and through other sites.

NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Bottle Opener – Whether it is a glove, hat, jersey or ball, all sports fans want items that were actually used in a game. However, while very cool, most of those items have no use other than as a display item. The NHL Game Used Hockey Stick Bottle Opener gives you that unique “game used” item, but with a functional purpose. Having a bottle opener that was once an NHL hockey stick will make opening beer bottles a party attraction.

I hope these unique items help make your gifts the most sought after and enjoyed of the season.

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