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Smart Moves while Choosing the Right Sports Bra for You

Posted on November 22, 2019 by Sujain Thomas

Many of the ladies spend a lot of their money on gym memberships, getting exercise kits, shoes, and so on. But the most common mistake that occurs most of the times is missing out on a sports bra. This vital piece of clothing is critical as it gives you the support that you need for the best concentration on the workout.

An ill-fitting bra creates a distraction and is very uncomfortable. While performing exercises, you need a bra that will not let the bouncing, chaffing, and pulling of the breast muscles. Indeed, every woman is not the same, and hence choosing the perfect sports bra can be sometimes tricky and confusing. Are you looking to purchase a new bra? There are several things you need to be aware of before selecting one. Before making any purchase, you must go through the below pointers to understand and make the best choice.

Types of Sports Bras

Different types of sports bras are available in the market. The main types are compression sports bras; encapsulation sports bras, and a combination of compression and encapsulation bras.

  1. Compression

Compression bras are mostly designed for low to medium impact actions. Compression bras exert to grip the tissue backward and decrease the movement away from the chest.

  • Encapsulation

Encapsulation bras comprise of tangible cups. They limit the cross over moves. This type of bras offers a lot of advantages such as loss of elasticity, decreased sagging, and reduce strain, among others.

  • Compression/Encapsulation

Compression/encapsulation bras employ the techniques of compression as well as encapsulation. The combination is done to increase the comfort and support to your breasts. This is majorly designed keeping in mind the high-impact activities. Athletes, mountain climbers, horse riders, and trekkers mostly prefer this type of sports bra.

Knowing the Right Size for you

Offline stores provide you with a complimentary service of sizing. Online stores also offer a platform where you can find the right bra size by inserting measurements of your hips and bust. This is mostly free of charge. Wearing the right bra size can save you a lot of effort and prevent you from any discomfort. Here are a few tips for measuring the prefect bra size at home:

  • You have to stand straight and measure close to your ribs, immediately below your bust. The trick over here is to pull the measuring tape as snug as possible, without hurting yourself. After this, note down the nearest whole number. To this number, add an approximate of 4 or 5 inches. This process will give you the band size that is suitable for you.
  • For the bust measurement, take a comfortable measurement of the fullest part of you’re the chest, which is mostly at the nipple, and round up to the closest whole number.
  • To calculate your cup size, you have to minus your band size from your bust measurement. To know more about calculating the right bra size, visit

Breathability and Bra Fabrics

Moisture-wicking fabrics or moisture releasing fabrics are those types of materials that possess the ability to transfer the sweat from the skin for release to the external environment for evaporation. These draw moisture far from the body, helping you to maintain the fresh and natural look, without looking devastated. When it comes to breathability, we assume cotton to be the best choice. But you have to avoid cotton material for bras.

The main reason behind this is that cotton absorbs all the sweat and leaves it getting stuck to the skin. This tendency can lead to sweaty chests in the middle of your workout, causing hindrance. Many brands imprint the words, breathable, or wicking on bra tags, that makes it easy for you to shop for the bras with the best comfortable fabrics.

Know your Size

It is a fact that breast size can fluctuate. A sports bra can feel uncomfortable only if it is of an incorrect size. Due to the change in the breast size, the bra might be looser or tighter. It is best to get remeasured every six months to one year to shop your exact size.

Get a New Sports Bra

It is essential to refresh your sports bra collection regularly to combat any discomfort. With continuous washing and rigorous movements, they can tend to get worn out. The fibers of the cloth start getting segregated. They can thus, degrade fast, shortening the lifespan of the bra which is approximately a year or so. Hence, it is always mandatory to buy a high-quality sports bra for the best comfort.

Extra Tips

To keep the brassiere in an optimum condition and extend the lifespan, experts suggest to handwash the undergarment.  You can add fabric softener and consider washing with cold water. Also, keep in mind to avoid bleach. Avoid drying the bras in the washing machine and let it dry naturally. One has to avoid this as the heat generated in the dryer can break the spandex material. This reduces the functionality and durability of your bras.

Sports bra has had a strong influence on the lives of ordinary women. It is not just an undergarment, but it has become a culture in the area of sports. Without this invention, women wound not have been to achieve numerous achievements in this field. With such a garment designed to support our bodies, women nowadays can take up any task. It has turned out to be an essential part of a lady’s fitness regimen. Although we focus a lot on the outerwear and ignore our breasts, it is vital to get a bra which is comfortable enough.

With increasing innovation in this industry, a lot of styles and variants are available. One must invest in a sports bra as this type of investment can come a long way and help you in the long term. While shopping for bras, make sure you are making the best choices and do not compromise and shy away from your bodies.

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