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The Ultimate Guide to Tailgating at a Football Game

Posted on November 26, 2019 by Martin Banks

You can throw a tailgate party at home. Still, there’s nothing like the experience of cooking food and enjoying company in the lot outside the stadium. Revelers cook up burgers and hot dogs, sip on ice-cold drinks. In the meantime, the team warms up before they hit the field.

Tailgating originated at Yale — an ivy league university in Connecticut — back in 1906. By 1914, thousands would show up in black automobiles to celebrate the Harvard vs. Yale football game. They also brought food. Today, tailgating is a long-honored tradition in sports stadiums across the country. 

Are you ready to tailgate this football season? Ready the ultimate guide below.

Schedule a Reservation

If you’re lucky, you’ll show up on game day and find a parking space. However, you’ll miss out on prime real estate. Most stadiums offer tailgating slot reservations before the game. 

Book a spot before they all disappear. Depending on the stadium, reservations will cost anywhere from $5 to $2. The small fee leads to a guaranteed place to party before the game. 

Plan the Seating

No one wants to sit in the truck while you’re cooking and drinking brews. Be sure to bring plenty of seating options, like foldable camp chairs. Look for seats with built-in cup holders and pockets, allowing you to keep track of all your tailgate necessities. 

With lots of chairs, everyone can gather around the grill to stay warm. Once ready, you can all eat some tasty food. 

Cook Tasty Food

Tasty food is the foundation of a successful tailgate party. Working out of the back of your truck might limit what you can serve. Still, you can expand beyond cold hot dogs and Cheese Whiz. 

Break out a portable wood pellet barbecue grill and cook up your favorites. These grills are ideal for tailgates because you don’t have to keep an eye on them. Instead, when you’re done cooking, simply shut it off. As a bonus, wood smoke always tastes better than propane or charcoal.

Bring Some Entertainment

Tailgating is an excellent way to connect with fans and have fun before the game. However, the day starts early, and there’s lots of waiting involved.  

Bring alone entertainment for you and your guests. Consider some board games or handheld gaming devices. Maybe a football to throw around the parking lot. If you choose to play, stay clear of the grill to prevent injuries. 

Blast the Music 

What’s a tailgate party without music?  Hook up your phone to a Bluetooth speaker or your truck’s sound system. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes or use one that’s floating around the internet.

Play some of the top-rated songs of the year, like “I Got You (Always and Forever)” by Chance the Rapper or “Seventeen” by Sharon Van Etten. Focus on good-vibe, high-energy songs that encourage dancing.

Planning a Tailgate Party? Have a Blast!

Now that you know what you to do, pack up your truck and head to the stadium! 

Tailgate culture guarantees a day of tasty food, excellent company and epic entertainment. Have a blast! 

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