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Punching Bags – The Different Types to Select From

Posted on December 08, 2019 by Sujain Thomas

Sports enthusiasts need multiple practice equipment for training sessions. One of the popular sports equipment is the punching bags, which can cater to various training purposes. To know which type to invest in, you should research on the crucial types.

Are you planning to opt-in for a gym membership? If yes, then you can think about investing and using a punching bag first and then decide on the gym membership. Try and check-out the different types of punching bags available online before you invest.

  1. Freestanding punching bags

The punching bags that are free standing have a base that gets filled with either water or sand. You can move this bag quickly from one place to the other. People often keep it in the storage space, as well. The tall versions usually get designed for kicking and punching workouts. Also, there are heavy freestanding punching bags that come with a bigger base. These bags don’t shift from their place when it gets kicked. It is apt for punching and is opted in for the boxing candidates, both amateurs and professionals.

2. Jumbo or heavy-duty punching bags

Generally, pro sports enthusiasts make use of heavy-duty punching bags for heavy-duty training. The bag has an increased weight and helps to enhance muscle strength and tone. Over some time, the bag will gather strength. You can use then as hanging or freestanding bags. It is ideal if you want to train for strength and enhancing your core muscles. Soon you will be able to give the powerful hits when you practice using this punching bag. 

3. Uppercut punching bags

The uppercut punching bags are relatively smaller. It is designed in a way to enhance the combination of punches, for instance, the hooks blended with the uppercuts. If you want to win a match, combination punches are essential. Hence, it’s always good if the candidate gets trained on this as well. The uppercut punching bags help you to perfect this process. You can spend multiple hours to maximize speed.

4. The maize ball and the bags

The maize balls can get described as hanging small punch bags. It gets used mainly to train for head movements. It is small in size than the Maize Bags that gets used for uppercut punches and hooks. Sometimes, the use might seem similar to the uppercut bags. Also, the bags are suitable for practicing and developing proper defensive moves. It can get fit into a small space. The maize bags also get filled with a rug or fake granules. That makes it bulky and helps the sportsperson to maximize their endurance capacity.

These are some of the popular punching bags you can opt-in for! A freestanding punching bag is easy to use and is a perfect choice for beginners. You will find the best models online and choose wisely. Make sure you browse through the website and check its authenticity. Also, compare the products and the price, to arrive at an informed decision. Additionally, you can also ask for the necessary recommendations and guidance from an expert training coach. 

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