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Exercises That Will Increase Your Soccer Shooting Power

Posted on December 10, 2019 by Tegan Wehner

There is no better feeling for a soccer player than scoring an absolute cracker from range be it in training or the real match. Having the ability to produce powerful shots can give you an unexpected advantage against your opponent when your team is under pressure. Look how important goals scored by Steven Gerald or Frank Lampard were to their respective teams.

When a team has a player or players with powerful shots, they benefit in several ways. Half chances can be converted to goal scoring chances. You can kick shots that are extremely hard for a goalkeeper to save and also demand attention from opponents, allowing your teammates to roam freely.

Being able to hit a powerful shot is one thing, but the work behind that is the real deal. In this article, we have compiled the best exercises that will help you add speed and power to your shots.

Front squats

Squats are one of the most essential workouts for anybody into physical fitness. When incorporated with some variations, squats can produce results that most workouts cannot deliver. For soccer shooting power, front squats work better on your core and quadriceps than back squats.

You can begin using a dumbbell before you proceed to barbells as this enables you to effectively execute the movement while in a Goblet squat position. The reason why we opted for front squats is because they work more on the core than any other squat variation. If you want to have a powerful shot, you need to build stronger core muscles. You can boost your muscle strength with steroids from Valkyrie Pharmaceutical Shop.

This, however, does not mean that you should entirely do away with back squats. You also need to build your hip strength for shooting power and back squats are essential for doing so.

Sumo deadlifts

If you aspire to be an exceptional athlete, then deadlifts must be included in your regular training regimen. For soccer shooting strength, sumo deadlifts are the best variation. This is because of its wide stance which is crucial in working on both your hips and glutes. As mentioned above, hip strength is a necessary ingredient if you want to release thunderbolt shots.

Sumo deadlifts also work on your glutes, which in turn will help in the effective movement of the thigh muscles. You can begin with a kettlebell if you are a newbie in deadlifts before you gradually proceed to using barbells.

Step-ups and split squats

Front squats and the sumo deadlifts are basic exercises that can add power to your shot. However, you need to develop functional strength so that you can execute your movement perfectly and that is where step-ups and split squats come in. Split squats and step-ups are the best exercises that can help you refine functional strength. You can use a set-up of heavy dumbbells to help strengthen your ankles, glutes, knees and quadriceps. Both split squats and step-ups allow you to focus on a single leg at a time.


It takes time, dedication, and hard work to master the art of kicking powerful and precise shots in soccer. The above exercises can be a great help, but always take care not to overdo them as you might end up injuring yourself. Remember to get adequate rest in between the movements.

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