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Could You Make a Living Coaching Sports?

Posted on December 30, 2019 by John Harris

Coaching is one of those roles that a lot of people know exist, but they don’t really understand the importance of it. All of the big sporting heroes, regardless of their sport, have always had people in the back cheering them on, fighting their corner and giving them the motivation they need to push through and become one of the best. Coaches are the unsung heroes in a famous sportsman’s career, but it’s starting to grow more popular for many reasons.

One such reason is the opportunity it gives to make a living. Coaches typically don’t earn as much as the people they coach (especially if we’re talking big names and international sports) but they do have an easy time finding work because of the skills they offer. So in this post, we’re going to talk about what coaching involves, several ways to do it, and what you can expect from a career choice like this.

What does a coach do?

Coaches can fill a variety of roles. When it comes to physical sports, coaches will typically analyze someone’s play, pick it apart, and then report back with flaws and positives. That way, the athlete can figure out what they need to work on and how they can improve their skills. The coach is usually there to facilitate the training of these skills and monitor the athlete’s progress.

That’s what a coach does on the surface, but they’re also there for emotional and mental support. They’re there to keep the athlete in the game and also ensure that they’re staying out of trouble and focusing on their game. Coaching might also include things such as arranging accommodation for travelling teams or even representing the team at conferences. The job of a coach evolves depending on the sport and the team or player’s position.

Ways to start making a living from coaching

You’re going to need to have some credentials or skill in a particular sport. Most coaches will start off by teaching smaller groups or even children. For example, you might teach a small team on weekends and help them get matches with other local teams for practice. You could also provide one-on-one coaching and training to someone locally, such as a tennis enthusiast.

You could even offer your lessons over the internet. This allows you to teach many people at once, multiplying your potential income. However, it also involves a lot more work on your part. For instance, you’ll need to contact a learning management system (LMS) marketing specialist to help you reach a wider audience with your lessons. There are also marketing campaigns and social media influence that you need to worry about. While this can sound like a lot of work, it’s possible to speak with specialists that can help you grow your business while you get to focus on just teaching your students.

In short, it’s a very lucrative career choice with lots of career opportunities. However, you do need to figure out how you can take your experience and skills and share it with others.

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