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Fantasy Cricket Tips to Help You Win BIG!

Posted on January 05, 2020 by John Harris

Fantasy Cricket is just what happens when you add a smartphone, an app and a working data plan to your undeniable passion for cricket. It also requires a profound knowledge of the game, information on players and playing conditions for the best results to show up. These are three terms bracketed by fantasy cricket tips and tricks on popular blogs. For the pros, the virtual variant of the sport packs a complete punch with its exciting reward structures- and its time you use your love for the game in a completely new dimension to carve a space for yourself too!

This new online variant helps you be in perfect sync with the next game of cricket that you’d be watching on your TV set or possibly in a stadium. While you could be busy with the game, you can create your squad with some expert fantasy cricket tips and tricks. You can take to your game without going on a leather hunt even as eleven players on the screen are doing just that, and you can best use that time sipping a cup of coffee in your drawing-room. It’s fun, easy and a lot of fun, especially with some match-centric fantasy cricket tips by your side! 

Reading Fantasy Cricket News and Updates

It is vitally important to follow your preferred sport carefully. By the term ‘carefully’, we imply being in sync with all the fantasy cricket news and updates that would affect your game directly. You could count a variety of factors in it, as under:

  • Playing conditions
  • Pitch and weather conditions
  • Toss
  • Opposition
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Top batsmen and bowlers
  • Captain and Vice-Captain
  • Injury or recovery
  • Availability of chosen players
  • Uncapped Players
  • Previous experience of playing against the same opposition
  • Current form and track record
  • Batting or Bowling order
  • Players who can score Bonus Points
  • Players you think could play their best on a certain day

One of the best fantasy cricket tips an expert could offer you is to know who your opponents are and where they are playing. Several top players of fantasy cricket in India usually forget to take this crucial point in consideration while forming their virtual squad and then realize their mistake when it’s too late. 

While it is important to have a good knowledge of how to play fantasy cricket leagues, there’s no way you could beat common sense. The more you use it, the better it comes out for results. 

Here are two examples of how you may use these fantasy cricket tips. 

  1. Suppose India is hosting a three-match ODI series at home against England. You would be naturally inclined to pick top players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Joe Root, and Ben Stokes and there is nothing particularly wrong with that. However, you could place more importance on players who are technically sound and can negotiate spin tracks, especially on Indian turfs.

  2. Now let’s take the other way around, a scenario where England is hosting India for a three-match ODI series. You would again bank on the above four players as mentioned, but now you should focus on players who are equally good players of pace bowling in seaming conditions. This would obviously be a crucial factor in figuring out a better team for those pro players who are looking forward to earning money from cricket fantasy. 

It is thus vitally important to figure out your best players as per the playing conditions too. Making unwarranted selections of players who may not play their best in a given situation would cost you some easy points. This would obviously hurt your chances of winning the top slot in the rewards section too. 

Now here’s just how you can go about making a good fantasy squad on an app.

How to play a fantasy cricket league in 2019?

Playing a fantasy cricket league in 2019 has indeed become a top sport for passionate players in India. You would almost always find players looking for expert fantasy cricket tips and tricks to better their team combination and to win a few matches on their own. Then there are groups of friends who play games with their friends and discuss fantasy cricket news and updates on chat apps. 

We would, however, take a more professional approach. You could set your eyes on a secure online gaming portal that offers a completely skill-centric gaming experience and then matches it up with premium rewards. Such a portal would have apps for Android and iOS mobile systems. You could download either of them to get online to play your favourite fantasy league (for free or for real cash), and then use the knowledge to win BIG.

One such portal is BalleBaazi (BB). It offers fantasy variants of cricket, kabaddi, and football in India and is powered by some top-notch monthly promos and deposit codes. You could download its apps today to play your best game ever. It is also powered by a Blog and a resource called YuviBaazi to help you make the most of your skills and passion for the game. 

The duo offers great help through fantasy cricket tips and tricks, and you may well translate it into some proper advantage with consistent gaming. BB’s apps also provide one-click access to all the exciting monthly promotions to help you get more cushion to play real cash games. These apps are available for Android smartphones and iPhones so you could play on the go. 

Fantasy cricket is here to stay

That’s right! This new virtual variant is here to stay and we are counting on you to ride the tide with pro-level gaming skills and consistency. This certainly goes a lot beyond the customary trend of watching the match and reading the news, and you can simply be yourself with improved knowledge. The more you have of it, the better a player you may emerge over time!

We hope to see you on the other side of a fabulous game this week!

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