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5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Tennis

Posted on January 13, 2020 by Ronald Mccarthy

Ever find yourself hearing people tell you that you take tennis far too seriously? There’s a good chance you’re only being told that because you do take tennis too seriously. Maybe you always think of your doubles partner whenever someone asks you about your partner. Or, when it comes to dressing for a party, you find your closet only full of tennis skirts. Maybe you also have a funny looking tan line that just never seems to go. But that’s okay. Because if you and everyone in your life think you take tennis too seriously, it just means you’re passionate.

Passion is what keeps you motivated. When you have an extreme passion for a sport, it’s highly likely that you will only get better at it. Passion is what keeps you going. It’s what drives you to commit to something – be it a sport, a job or even a relationship. When you have a passion for something, it means you care just enough to keep going and do even better.

Sometimes, though, passion can be conceived as an obsession. That’s okay, too. Because even though the two have different meanings, they essentially suggest the same thing; you care. If you care about a sport that you love, you should feel proud of yourself. It’s not every day that you find someone willing to commit so greatly to something. Most people actually find it hard to stay passionate about their jobs or their hobbies. Which is why being obsessed with tennis is not something you should find shameful. It should be something that makes you proud.

If you think you show signs of being obsessed with tennis, keep reading. This article is going to cover five major signs that you might be obsessed with tennis.

5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Tennis:

Sign Number 1: You love the smell of new tennis balls. While this might seem like regular behaviour for, let’s say, dogs – it’s considered a little stranger when an adult is addicted to the smell of new tennis balls. Tennis players have a very common trait – their love of the smell of new tennis balls. They can’t get enough of it! A tennis player will have purchased and played with hundreds of balls in their career, but despite that, they still aren’t sick of the new tennis ball smell. There’s nothing quite like getting in a whiff of that new ball smell when you get a new pack, is there? It may be a guilty pleasure, but don’t worry – all tennis players can relate.

Sign Number 2: You have more tennis clothes in your closet than in regular clothes. This sign should come to no surprise at all. If tennis clothes have taken over your closet, then there’s a high chance you’re in deep with tennis. Regular clothes are a thing of the past. You may even find yourself going to a grocery store or out with friends in your tennis clothes. Now it’s just something you don’t even think twice about. That’s tennis life. You may even find shopping for new tennis clothes to be fun even though you already have too many. That’s a definite sign you’re obsessed with tennis. People you meet often may even associate you with always being in tennis clothes. The clothes are now a lifestyle.

Sign Number 3: You have a weird amount of tennis home décor. This might seem like the least significant sign of your tennis obsession, but it definitely counts. Tennis décor includes fridge magnets that are tennis rackets or balls and even posters of Roger Federer. Not something you thought twice of before, is it? Surprisingly, you aren’t the first to find yourself inserting your obsession with tennis into your home. These small behavioural patterns indicate you’re far more invested into tennis than you care to admit. You are actually in deep if your house is also a full tennis zone. Even those ‘Love Mean Nothing to a Tennis Player’ signs that you have to hang around your house count too, by the way.

Sign Number 4: You have way too many tan lines. Tan lines are one of the most common traits in tennis players. The common outfit of long socks, skirts or shorts, and tank tops are exceedingly familiar to everyone who plays the sport. You and your fellow tennis players probably even joke about how funny they are or compete over whose is worse. However, the sign you’re obsessed with tennis doesn’t come from your tan lines. Oh no – the obsession comes from how normal the tan lines are to you. You are so used to having intense tan lines everywhere that it’s considered to be a normal part of your identity to yourself. 

Sign Number 5: Your sleep pattern changes during the Grand Slams. It doesn’t matter that the Grand Slams may be happening at a time that is six hours ahead of you; you will be awake and ready to watch the whole tournament. Tennis is most definitely an obsession for you if you are willing to risk staying awake or waking up extra early to watch the Grand Slams. A regular sleeping pattern is the least important thing to you when it comes to this famous yearly tournament. You know that you just have to be awake to keep up and watch what happens. 


If you relate to any of these signs, there’s a very probable chance you are obsessed with tennis. Even if you aren’t totally obsessed yet, you’re definitely on your way there. Tennis is more than just a sport to you – it’s a lifestyle. You commit to it, give it your everything and do whatever it takes to prove you are worth it. That shows passion. And as we said earlier, passion means you care. It’s always good to care about something so much you’re willing to endure tan lines and rough training hours to be great at it. You should not be worried or embarrassed about being obsessed with tennis. And our advice, if any, is never to give up. Keep going, and one day all your obsession will pay off.  

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