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Boost Your Game With 2020 Special RummyBaazi Codes on RB Today

Posted on January 13, 2020 by John Harris

“Has fortune dealt you some bad cards? Then let wisdom make you a good gamester.”- Francies Quarles

This was said by a 16th century English poet that resonates with the folks of today and even tomorrow, no matter the constant stream of changes and revolutions springing across the globe. Yes, some things in life indeed never change. So is the love and passion for rummy that has brought friends and families together for generations. India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site, RummyBaazi (RB) is celebrating this passion on New Year through a fresh bunch of RummyBaazi codes and offers to set you in motion right away. 

The rollouts include Sunday Specials, triple reward points, more 10K free entry tourneys, 1LAC Pongal Special Freerolls and Daily Depositor’s Freerolls. All these tournaments and events are powered by unique RummyBaazi codes and amazing rewards to boost your gaming up to 3 times this New Year. 

So, without much ado, let’s do the unboxing ceremony right away.

Rummy Promotions Codes to Pump Your Game

RummyBaazi has been a recent launch in India as a dedicated online rummy portal that strives to offer the best gaming experience for players of all measures. It constantly revamps its offerings and features multiple game types such as Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy and Points Rummy to provide flexibility and variegated experience to all rummy lovers. 

This year, RB only gets grander with a bigger set of RummyBaazi promotion codes and festive tournaments that has plenty of rewards on the winning corner. Let’s begin.

  • 50K GTD Sunday Special Tournament

Bring your A game to the felts of RB on every Sunday of January at 8pm. The 50K Sunday Special tournament is handing out a generous guaranteed prize pool for top finishers. Interested players can join the tourney for a minimum buy-in fees of INR 500. A second way to join the Sunday action is by depositing a sum of INR 2K using unique promo code, 50KSunday and automatically enter the tournament for free.

The deposit amount shall be credited to the account balance and players may use the same to play more cash games on RB.

  • Grand 25K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll

Adding to the daily prime time is a brand new launch of the 25K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll that’s been rolling since the 1st of January, 2020. Your weekdays shall attract a lot more action as you log in at 9pm every single day of the month (except 15th Jan, 2020) to play for a guaranteed prize pool of INR 25K. Participate by using RummyBaazi codes, “200ka25K” to make a small deposit of INR 200 and take a winning shot to be in the money today.

1LAC Pongal Special Freeroll Cash Tournament & More

Next is the festive special 1LAC Pongal Special Freeroll to be hosted online on the RB app on 15th Jan, 2020. RB calls upon all rummy lovers nationwide by placing no restriction on the number of entries to compete fair and square and harvest winnings from a mega prize pool of INR 1LAC GTD. 

This is an unusual opportunity in the beginning of 2020 where players get to play rummy for such an incredible prize pool and fill their bag of rewards. So, a big shout out in advance to all Baazigars who intend to nail this one.

What’s next on the line?

  • Happy Hours

It’s time to play, play and play rummy even more because the clock just stroke happy hours! And there’s a generous layer of icing on this one. Your New Year spirits shall soar even higher because these hours shall be rolling till the very end of January. 

Log in to the RB app at the hours below to play cash games and earn maximum points.

  • 00:00 hrs to 03:00 hours – 2x Reward points 
  • 03:00 hrs to 10:00 hours – 3x Reward points
  • 17:00 hrs to 20:00 hours – 1.5x Reward points

Standard 1x points shall be rewarded during the remaining hours of the day. You may wonder what these points shall get you in return. 

Earn Reward points to Claim Baazi Rewards

RB doesn’t become India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website without reason. Besides, these awesome RummyBaazi codes, the portal features a distinguished Loyalty Rewards program for registered users that includes a full blown package of premium rewards  (new rewards added) such as Holiday Packages, Premium Gadgets such as flagship smartphones of the likes of iPhone 11 and One Pus 7T. However, the mother of all prizes in Baazi Rewards is INR 2LAC real cash bonus. 

These awesome rewards are definite eye-catchers that would make any rummy player go bonkers for. All these rewards can be claimed by playing cash tournaments and games on the RB app and earn reward points for each game. The more points you earn, the higher levels you unlock to claim bigger and better rewards. This unique set of tournaments and rewards structure definitely makes RB one of the best sites to play rummy in India.

You may download the RB app from RummyBaazi official website to enjoy these offerings right away. 

Daily New Year Promotions

The list of promotions this New Year is a long one and we suggest you know them all so that you can pick your favorites. There are a couple of tweaks that can players can enjoy this festive month and we shall wrap them up real quick for you. 

  • The prize pool for Daily Specials Depositor’s Freeroll has increased to INR 15K and you may participate in them for just INR 300.
  • Now, players may track their Reward Points collection on the cash tables of the RB app itself.

The online rummy portal promises a long and exciting gaming journey full of RummyBaazi booster codes, new tournaments and amazing rewards to cherish the New Year to the fullest. Hence, there is no better time than now for rummy lovers to join the celebration and reward yourself generously on RB starting today.

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