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8 Signs You Are Obsessed With Water Skiing

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Ronald Mccarthy

If you have ever seen someone gliding effortlessly over the smooth and silky water waves, then you know just how magical the scene is. You cannot keep your eyes off the person skiing, whether they are on a mono-ski or something else. 

You may have become envious of the person, and that is what starts your obsession with water skiing. It always starts with you watching the fun and wishing it was you behind the boat, being pulled by it, and enjoying the water rush underneath you as well as the constant splashes in your face. 

Soon it transcends to you coming home and watching YouTube videos on water skiing. Since you can’t get enough of it, you passionately start searching for “how to water ski” videos as well as read through articles and blogs about water skiing. In no time, you find out all you can about it, like what kind of gear you need to buy, where are the best lakes near you, what tournaments are happening, what people are sharing about skiing, and everything else related to it. 

For example, if you live in Australia, you will do your research and find out about the best companies that sell skiing gear and equipment like Trjanwss. Firstly, you do it all in the name of curiosity and pay no attention to your growing obsession. You don’t even think about the way you slowly fall for it. 

What is Water Skiing?

Water Skiing involves standing on one or two specially designed skis while a boat tows you behind it with a rope. You need to develop your upper and lower body strength as well as a sense of balance. It also takes a lot of endurance as you have to face the constant pull of the boat while keeping your body leaned back. You also have to face the constant onslaught of water on your body and maintain your balance.

The Health Benefits of Water Skiing

Water skiing has numerous health benefits. Many people have started doing water skiing to keep them healthy and fit. That doesn’t mean that there is no fun in it. Almost everyone starts water skiing for the enormous amount of entertainment that it provides as well as keeping you healthy. It is becoming one of the most popular sports, not just in Australia but all around the world. 

Australia is a special ski spot as it holds the 2012 world record by a team in Tasmania for most skiers being towed at the same time. 

Moreover, in Canada, around 50 percent of the population that is under the age of 18 and around 35 percent of the population that is between the age group 18 and 29 practice water skiing for various purposes.

Not only is water skiing fun and enjoyable, but it also provides a full-body workout. Also, it increases your metabolism rate, and as a result, you burn calories faster. As you keep on practicing it, your bones become stronger. Your muscle movement enhances, and you quickly shed away any extra pounds.

Signs of Obsession

Here are 8 major signs that you are obsessed with water skiing and want to spend every waking hour on a ski board in the water.

1. You have shifted so that you can be closer to the water

The first sign that you are taking things a little too seriously is that you have moved or are thinking of moving to a place that has more lakes and water for you to ski in. You have searched for the best schools for your kids in that area. The job prospects have been figured out, and you are in the process of convincing your family and friends that it is the right decision. Whether you tell them that you are doing it because of your love for water skiing or you try to hide it by stating various other excuses like the growing economy of that region or the cheap property rates or anything else, the truth will eventually come out.

2. You know all about the weather forecast

The people around you don’t need a meteorologist or a weather forecast to know about the weather in your area. They have to come and ask you. You are considered to be an expert at weather patterns. Every conversation you have leads to the type of weather conditions out there and what kind of skiing you can do in that kind of weather. People have stopped looking at their smartphones for weather updates. They just come to you because you are so well informed. Some people might find it weird, but most of them are impressed with your knowledge.

3. You know all about the lakes

Even if there is a pool in your area, there is no way that you don’t know about it. You know about all the lakes and their conditions. Moreover, you also know which place is good for beginners and which place is meant only for seasoned experts like you.

4. You have injuries that you show off

You have been skiing for so long that you have met with occasional injuries. It’s so normal for you that you don’t even remember how extreme it was. The one thing you do know is that there is a story attached to every scar on your body, and you show it off whenever you can.

5. You take time off for tournaments

Your holiday plan is usually related to the international water skiing tournaments that happen around the world, and you religiously take part in them. If you can’t attend them, then you make sure to follow all the action on the television or YouTube. 

6. Your Ski tees outnumber all the other clothes you have

You have every kind of ski t-shirt imaginable, and you still think that you don’t have enough. Your ski tees outnumber the rest of your clothes, and that is exactly the way you want it.

7. You probably have more ski gear than anything else

You are always up to date with the latest models of gear and equipment that you use. Maybe you even own more ski-related gear than anything else. You could also have invested in the best go pro to record all your ski-related adventures. 

8. Your garage is your workshop

You have a workshop that was once was your garage. Now it is home to all your ski-related equipment. This is where you work on them. You might even be famous in your street for doing ski maintenance work for others. 

Final Word

If you see any of these signs in yourself, then you have to admit that you are truly and hopelessly obsessed with this sport and would probably want to spend the rest of your life in the water or very close to it.

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