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Online Rummy Tournaments: Enjoy Awesome Features and Benefits

Posted on January 31, 2020 by John Harris

Rummy may be called the mother of all card games as it comes with more than twenty variations that’s played in different corners of the world since ages. The most popular of them all in India is 13 card Indian Rummy tournament that’s mostly considered to be an extension of game types such as Gin Rummy and 500 Rummy. Today, the internet of games has adopted the most popular variants of the game and has tweaked them with their own unique features that has revived the interest of the new generation. 

The gentle yet aggressive perforation of the internet has pushed the game into the palm of your hands by offering a rewarding aspect with new regular online money rummy tournaments on gaming portals that had been earlier perceived as simply recreational with occasional fun games with cash during festive occasions and get together. 

This instills a new window of opportunities for rummy lovers to cash in through their skills on different online games with players across all corners of the world. So, without any delay, let’s understand these new features of online rummy tournaments today.

Online Rummy Tournament Features

Online rummy tournaments are a world of their own and come with a lot of exciting offerings and promotions that players may find on several rummy portals today. Different game variants and types are offered on several portals today; however, the 13 card variant is omnipresent. Traditional rummy players may face some set of differences while shifting their game online which is why we shall highlight them below. 

How to Play Rummy Online?

  • The basic gameplay of Indian online rummy tournament remains the same. All players need to form valid combinations of sets and sequences by picking and dropping cards in succession in the shortest time possible to win the game.
  • You must sort all your combinations correctly for valid declaration of your set of cards first and win the game.
  • Joker can be used as a wild card to substitute any missing card in your combination.
  • In an online rummy tournament, each player’s combination must include a pure sequence and other valid sets and pure or impure sequences. Sequences are combination of cards in serial number, pure sequence is formed from the same suit of numbers and sets are made by combining same numbers of different suits.
  • The winner gets zero points, the losing participants shall receive points according to the value linked to the respective cards. 
  • All suited cards carry 10 points each. The numbered cards carry points as per their numerical value. 

However, there are a standard set of penalties that players shall receive on certain actions during online rummy tournaments.

  • Players receive penalty points on wrong declaration in an online rummy tournament.
  • A maximum penalty points of 80 is awarded to losing players. The same amount is deducted on cash games from a player’s account.
  • Players are allowed to drop hands up to 3 times in the middle of the game in case they think they can’t create a valid combination with the existing allotted cards.
  • The first drop shall cost you 20 points, the second shall cost you 40 and consecutive misses over three times shall drop the player from the game altogether. 

These are the basic rules and features of online rummy tournaments. It shall take only a couple of games to settle and get into your gaming mode.

Free Rummy Tournament App with Rewards

Yes, you read it right. Some portals have revolutionized the rummy experience by introducing free entry tournaments for recreational players and win real cash bonus without any investment or entry fees. One such rummy portal that comes with a free rummy tournament app offering daily free entry tournaments with guaranteed prize pools is RummyBaazi (RB).

Fittingly known as India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Website, RummyBaazi has been hosting the widest variety of free entry and real money rummy tournaments with an attractive set of rewards and cash prizes on the winning end. Let’s introduce you to some RB’s free set of benefits. 

  • 10K Free Entry Tournaments (Daily FETs)

RummyBaazi has been hosting 10K Free Entry tournaments online 4 times a day at 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 5 PM every day where players can play free rummy tournaments online to compete for an attractive guarantee of INR 10K multiple times a day. The FETs has been a mega hit among rummy recreationists who do not mind inflating their bankroll for free. Besides, players can always play unlimited cash games and also earn reward points on the portal with these winnings and claim some premium rewards ahead in their journey.

  • Real Money Rummy Tournaments 

RB also hosts several Sit “N” Go Cash games at minimum buy in amounts starting as low as INR 4 per day that makes it feasible for any recreational player to try their luck on the cash variant without much real challenge. In addition, skilled players may also participate in some mega tournaments every month to compete for attractive 6 figure guarantees and premium prizes. Keep in touch with their promotions to make the most of them.

Summing Up

The online realm of rummy has expanded like never before and rummy being an integral part of our gaming culture, it makes total sense you use these stellar rummy tournaments and games opportunities to the best of your ability and enjoy validation by collecting rewards of your choice whenever you feel like taking a shot to the top spot. Relive yourself of boredom during the dull hours and bring on your gaming mode on a rummy portal that speaks to you starting today.

“When luck joins the game, cleverness scores double.”  

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