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Key Methods to Crack Real Money Poker Tournaments

Posted on February 29, 2020 by John Harris

If people hadn’t heard much of poker until 2000 in India, things have changed drastically for aspiring players since Chris Money Maker swooped into the Main Event by qualifying its satellites online and stunned the world by claiming the Main Event bracelet. If an accountant can qualify online and bag the world’s biggest poker money tournament, a lot could happen for the budding poker community in India.

Since then, India responded to this gigantic change of events and introduced online poker in the Indian internet of things. While Indian Rummy and Teen Patti already enjoy a variegated audience from across the lengths and breadths of India; off late, real poker money tournaments have begun to captivate card gamers in huge numbers. 

As grand and lucrative these poker money tournaments are, there is plenty of ground that players need to cover before diving into the glorious realm of money tournaments of poker.

Win Real Money Poker Tournaments: How?

One of the major reasons for card gamers to explore the world of poker is due to the enormous prize pools associated with such tournaments that manage to draw not just the crème de la crème of the poker circuit but also the aspiring young lot who have always wanted to take a shot at the poker stardom and compete against the pros by sharing the same coveted space. Online poker has made this dream achievable for those with the potential but lacking the opportunities for this hot pursuit. 

In order to win real money poker tournaments, players need to first identify the kind of poker tournaments that resonate with their style of play along with the backing of sufficient bankroll. Once you have secured the desired bankroll, you can start exploring your niche. Here are few suggestions that may help new players figure out where to take the first dive.

  • Start with Small Tourneys

Smaller tournaments mean less variance and more skilled competition. If you have played enough free games or even few sit and go cash games, it means you are well-versed with the tricks of the trade and you are betting your skills purely on the money. As such, playing in a smaller tournament shall guarantee you more confident and consistent wins. Once you have accumulated a decent number of wins on small tourneys, you may consider taking it up a notch.

  • Determine Your Buy-in

When playing inside one’s financial bubble, new poker money players do not find much trouble as they are losing in proportion to their skill level and are often in it for the experience. The key point is not to lose focus on the game due to your lacking bankroll but giving your best with what you have. 

  • Difficulty level

You must decide what range of players you wish to play against, tournaments with large buy-ins and highly trained players or compete against fishes to inflate your bankroll. Bigger tournaments attract a hot mess of players hence, variance is very high in such places. Such tournaments shall definitely increase your expertise on the game and shall equip you to handle tight situations with time.

  • The Big Bucks

Always take a look at the prize structure of the poker money tournament before you register for one. The rake percentage for small stakes tournaments are usually 10% which is okay. Super low stakes tourneys usually attract higher rakes which is a big no. The takeaway is stay away from extremely low stakes with big rakes of 15% or above. 

Real Cash Poker App: Pre-requisites

The next big decision you need to make when playing poker for real money poker is to zero in on a portal that offers the best returns for your time and skills on the felts. Moreover, real money poker players must ensure that their money and financial data is safe from threats and thus, it is utmost important to play on a safe, legal and trustworthy portal that keeps your money safe and secure at all times.

A real money poker app must offer certain features to players to push them to the winning corner.

  • It must offer the widest variety of leagues, cash games and poker money tournaments to offer maximum choice of play
  • The app must be light weight, fast and highly responsive to offer uninterrupted 24*7 gaming
  • Any real money game portal must practice responsible gaming, in this case, it must set daily limits on withdrawals and deposits to restrict obsessive behavior
  • It should ideally offer regular incentives to boost one’s game. This may be offered in various kinds such as regular promotions, bonus codes and Leaderboard rewards
  • It should support various game types of poker such as Texas Hold’em, Open Face Chinese Poker and Pot Limit Omaha to offer more skill range, game choice and desirability
  • A real cash poker app must support players of all measures and stakes including beginners through practice games
  • Fair play is one of the prerequisites for any kind of game to promote skill based gaming

A combination of all these features is desirable to create a player-centric environment with maximum stretch of opportunities and choices of gaming. Plus, players must be able to enjoy the perks of the game in the safest possible manner at all times. If you have been spending time finding a portal that best meets your expectations, we have one that ticks the dots and in many goes beyond the standard level of gaming. 

PokerBaazi: A Player-Centric portal

PokerBaazi has been offering this mind sport since 2014 and has been able to maintain a regular player count of over 1 million and continues to attract new players every day. It has been favored by many poker pros of the Indian circuit as well as beginners due to its commendable variety of games and poker money tournaments that run every single day of the year. In fact, its free entry variant of tournaments run round the clock and offer multiple set of rewards and cash prizes to beginners to motivate them to level up their game. 

Seasoned players may also compete for mega live poker tournaments of PokerBaazi such as the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) and the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) to compete with the pros for some attractive guarantees and claim your space in the Indian Poker circuit. You may check the official website for all upcoming poker money tournaments and download the app to test run a game or two. You will discover a whole lot of variety in terms of tourneys and cash leagues on the app such as Turbo tourneys, Low Stakes, Sit N Go real cash poker games, Deep-stacks and free tourneys round the clock. 

Final Rundown

In order to step in equipped with the desired tools of the trade in poker money tournaments, it is imperative that players acquaint themselves with the various tournament types and identify their niche during the process. Scanning the environment thoroughly on a portal that rewards you best shall give you enough perspective on the exact kind of tournaments that shall tick for you in the long run. 

“The smarter you play, the luckier you are going to get.”

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